Magento rolled out the 2.2 version on October 2nd 2017. Here’s the Magento 2 features list consisting of functional features, bug fixes and enhancement updates that came out with it.

Magento 2 Features Key Upgrades

Magento has sharpened its stance as a B2B friendly eCommerce platform. The 2.2.x update comes with a host of key upgrades that will take Magento users to the next level of their efficiency.

magento 2 features

Upgraded technology stack

The whole tech stack of Magento 2.2 is made cutting-edge with support for PHP 7.1 and Varnish 5, along with Redis 3.2 and MySQL 5.7. All third-party libraries like Zend and Symfony that Magento relies on heavily for heavily have been upgraded to the latest stable version.

Also, support for PHP 5.6, Solr and Varnish 3 have been discontinued. Solr will continue to remain the Magento code base until further version releases/upgrades happen.

In the earlier versions a mapper_parsing_exception was displayed when Elasticsearch was enabled. Now that the latest 2.2.3 comes with support for Elasticsearch 5.x that error is a thing of the past.

Advanced Reporting

Magento 2 features update is geared up to tell you how your business is performing from multiple aspects, including: order fulfillment, products, customer data and much more. Magento collects data and passes it on to Magento Business Intelligence for analytics. Magento BI churns out at least 20 reports and 3 well-decked dashboards full of data for proactive decision-making.

To be eligible to harness all the goodness of Magento Business Intelligence you must be the valid owner of the website and the website should be HTTPS-enabled with a SSL certificate. Also, you must have subscribed to the Advanced Reporting module.

Security Upgrades

As far as Magento 2 security features are concerned,Unserialize() calls have been removed to prevent code execution attacks. The Hashing algorithm (SHA-256) has also been strengthened for better security of the platform. Protection against XSS attacks have also been upped.


Bug fixes, refinements & improvisations all of which makes Magento 2.2 a worthy upgrade for B2B commerce.

Receive and Manage Quote Requests

Out of the box quote management and customer negotiation capabilities. Merchants can monitor all open quotes through quote management panel where quote details, history logs, and communications data are recorded.

Payment on credit option

A credit payment has been added along with PayPal and credit card payment modes. Configurable credit options will allow merchants to set up Minimum and maximum order limits, region-based credit restrictions, monitor customer credit lines, etc.

Advanced Account Management Tools

B2B customers can manage their own company accounts, categorize and organize customer information, import and export customer lists and also designate sales executives to specific accounts.


A handful of Magento 2 features and benefits that will help B2B merchants place orders quickly and easily with minimal steps. Several areas where time lag was felt like, shipping, ordering, catalog management etc. have been improved for better productivity.

Improved Shipping Options

Temendo based multi-carrier shipping and out of the box fulfillment that will enable merchants to achieve cost efficiencies. The new update will provide rules-based shipping option along with the ability to manage loading & dispatching of SKUs from anywhere.

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Requisition Lists

All frequently ordered products are populated into lists for quick ordering. Customers can select desired products from the requisition lists, edit the quantity and finalize the requisition easily & quickly. Multiple lists based for various purchase scenarios can also be created.

Customized Catalogs

Merchants can create customized catalogs and price lists based on products, product categories & customers. Each catalog pricing can be narrowed down to the each product level for better control.


A handful of other Magento 2 features targeted at making

APIs for B2B

Web APIs for easier & simpler ERP or PIM integration available for new company, credit lines, shared catalogs, quotes, and requisition lists. A REST API to add video to a product description is also part of the new release.

Pipeline Deployment

An automated pipeline deployment process that avoids downtimes, quickens the overall configuration process.

Community Support

Magento’s thriving community of engineers, developers, users and business owners who share quick hacks and remedies for sticky situations.

Wrapping It Up

Well, that’s not it. Magento 2 commerce features has still more in substance as a refined eCommerce platform. These are a gist of features that shine as the best among all.