Hey there! My name is Nikki and I am an eCom geek. Sometimes I don the hat of a marketer too. It’s fun and I learn plenty from it. I want to share some of my learning with you on this blog.

As you know, content is the new currency of the web.

The more you spend it, the more RoI it brings.

Or, does it so?

As a content marketer myself, I have always measured the performance of my content.

I am curious to know which blogs click and which do not stick.

Be it for B2C or B2B content marketing, measuring your content engagement is critical for long-term success.

Know why Google is not admiring you like you want it to?

After all, you are spending hours (if not days) chiseling a perfect blog that your audience would love. The effort should be worthwhile.

But, how does one measure content engagement?

There are metrics which can help you measure content engagement with some level of certainty.

They are dwell time, scroll depth, social sharing, and email performance. Of course, there are several others too. But, these 4 are the most important ones that every marketer must look at.


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