The Marijuana Industry is vast, complex, and extremely competitive, and its future lies in eCommerce. Your eCommerce platform should help you provide customers with a unique experience while also providing you with as many tools to succeed as possible. Magento eCommerce solutions can both address your immediate needs today, as well as grow and evolve with your business far into the future.

Let’s take a look at several ways Magento can help eCommerce enablement in the Marijuana industry.

Mobile done right

It’s no longer news – the world has gone mobile. Mobile commerce is THE most important element of eCommerce. Whether you’re a brand, distributor, or dispensary, having the right platform to engage with your customers on their mobile devices is mission-critical.

SOLUTION: Magento’s Progressive Web Apps (PWAs).

PWAs are, simply put, the future of mobile commerce. Combining the best features of websites and mobile apps, PWAs help resolve major issues that have negatively impacted mobile commerce for so long.

No more twitchy, poorly designed “responsive” websites. No need for an expensive stand-alone app that must first be downloaded and then, most likely, never get opened again. Proven to increase user engagement and spur revenue growth, Magento PWAs provide a reliable, fast, and engaging experience perfectly matched to today’s mobile customer.

Conquer the content

With everything else on your plate as a marijuana business owner, creating engaging content can often be little more than an afterthought, and yet, it has never been more important.

Beautiful new strains, exciting edibles, cool vapes – you want and need to show people what you’re selling. But with images to add, videos to load, and product details to draft, how do you manage to keep up?

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SOLUTION: Magento Page Builder

Providing unrivaled control in an intuitive drag-and-drop content management interface, Page Builder allows you to –

  • Save time and resources – Page Builder reduces the time needed to manage site content, and time is something you never have enough of.
  • Take control over your brand – Create and design without depending entirely on front-end developers – there is no code required.
  • Engage shoppers with fresh, rich content – Powerful content of all types can be effortlessly added for maximum engagement.

What do you recommend?

Just because you’re new to eCommerce does not mean you can’t take advantage of the latest technological breakthroughs, and nothing is more revolutionary today than machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Today’s customers want a “personalized” shopping experience, and they will spend significantly more time shopping on a site that caters to their specific wants and needs.

“We see that you like Candy Apple Kush flower – you might also be interested in our new line of 50 mg THC sour fruit gummies.”

OK, but how do I achieve this?

SOLUTION: Magento’s Product Recommendations Powered By Adobe Sensei (AI)

Magento’s Product Recommendations allow you to deliver personalized, relevant experiences to every visitor to your site. Powered by a collection of machine learning algorithms, this feature automatically analyzes specific shopper behaviors and produces meaningful product affinities.

Just how vital are product recommendations to eCommerce? Magento/Adobe’s own research has shown that:

  • Shoppers who engage with product recommendations are 2x more likely to come back to the site.
  • 40% say they have purchased something more expensive than they originally planned because their experience was personalized.
  • Shoppers who engage with a recommended product have a 70% higher conversion rate.

Get smarter

The power of eCommerce comes in many forms, and the value of data to today’s business owners cannot be overstated.

A marijuana dispensary owner, for example, can see that a customer, 6 miles away, performed a Google search for “chocolate edibles,” which led them to his dispensary’s site. He can see how long they were there, what else they searched for, what they bought, what they added to shopping carts, then removed, and so on.

Mountains of eCommerce data are being generated 24 hours a day, every day. Still, without the proper tools to aggregate and analyze it, a business owner can find the whole process completely overwhelming, and the information loses all meaning.

SOLUTION: Magento Business Intelligence (BI) Tools

Magento’s Advanced Reporting gives you access to a suite of dynamic reports that are based on your product, order, and customer data, with a personalized dashboard tailored to your business needs. Whether you are a data novice or a seasoned analyst, Magento’s BI platform and unrivaled customer support assure that the resources exist to help you succeed.

If you are positive that Magento would be an appropriate platform to launch your Cannabis eCommerce store, the next thing to do is find the best Magento Development agency.

Be it migrating fresh Magento implementation or migrating your existing store from a third-party platform, our certified Magento experts can help. Write to us today to start discussing your project roadmap.