Ziffity would like to inform the public, both social media and regular internet users, about an active scam that is currently taking place. In an official blog post, we aim to educate and caution those who may be at risk of falling victim to this fraudulent scheme. It is our hope that by raising awareness about this issue, we can help prevent individuals from being duped by the scammers.

This scam is about asking people to post paid Google reviews. The fraudsters who ask for such requests might pose themselves as HR executives and marketers from reputed eCommerce and marketing agencies.

We want to inform you that any such requests are an act of the scam group. Kindly refrain from responding to it.

How will the scammers approach you?

  • The first point of contact will be either through Whatsapp or Telegram.
  • You will be added to a workgroup in which tasks will be posted on a daily basis
  • The tasks could be – Google reviews for brands, subscription YouTube channels and so on.
  • You’ll be informed of the money you’ll be paid for the completion of every three tasks.
  • They will lure you into actively participating in tasks by promptly paying you. You’ll not be allowed to skip any tasks going further.
  • Soon, you’ll be asked to participate in the tasks that demand investing money in cryptocurrency wallets. For such investments, you’ll be paid additional money in return than the actual amount invested by you. This is when you’ll be prone to fraud when you gradually happen to invest more money expecting good returns.

We have experienced a few of the requests personally and here’s how the salary split up will look like:

  • Task 1-3 = Salary Request after 3rd Task.
  • Task 4-6 = Salary Request after 6th task.
  • Task 7-9 = Salary Request after 9th task.
  • Task 10-12 = Salary Request after 12th task.
  • Task 13-15 = Salary Request after 15th task.
  • Task 16-18 = Salary Request after 18th task.
  • Task 19-21 = Salary Request after 21th task.

Report to cybersecurity

We have raised a report to cybersecurity authorities and also have protocols to avoid these issues. We are posting this message in the best interest of ensuring your cyber safety. If you happen to encounter such problems, you can report it to cybersecurity authorities via this link – https://cybercrime.gov.in/Webform/Crime_NodalGrivanceList.aspx.

Helpline number – 1930.

Here’s the official report and awareness campaign about the internet scam published by the cybersecurity authorities of India:




  • If you are facing unusual requests from people who claim themselves as Ziffity’s employees, kindly inform us.
  • We publish our career opportunities only in our dedicated careers page.