It’s hard to imagine a world without Amazon. But just two decades ago, the retail behemoth was little more than a small online bookstore. Today, it’s a dominant force in the eCommerce industry, with a reach that extends far beyond its own platform. It’s no wonder businesses of all sizes want to tap into this massive online marketplace. But with so much competition, how can you stand out and succeed on Amazon? Choosing the right eCommerce platform helps you optimize your Amazon sales strategy. Two popular options are BigCommerce and Shopify. They offer seamless native integration with the Amazon sales channel.

In this post, we’ll explore each platform’s key features and benefits to help you make an informed decision.

There are over 200 million paid Amazon Prime subscribers worldwide. Oliver is one of them. He runs OliShirts, a small eCommerce business specializing in clothing for men. While his eCommerce website is up and running – it runs on BigCommerce – he’s also looking for new sales channels.

Businesses of any size can sell on Amazon and use the Amazon Buy With Prime program. Most larger brands consider it non-optional. It’s also a real differentiator for smaller businesses like OliShirts. When Prime shoppers browse Amazon, options with a Prime badge stand out from other niche brands.

Oliver is trying to leverage that differentiator. He’s just getting started in the Amazon Buy With Prime program, aiming to improve online sales and conversions. His Amazon Prime orders are Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) or directly from his warehouse.

So what does Oliver – or you, as a business owner or CTO – need to know about the Amazon Buy With Prime program?

  • What is the Amazon Buy With Prime program?
  • Why should you use Amazon Buy With Prime?
  • How do you get started?
  • Integrating your Amazon Buy With Prime with your eCommerce site
  • Using BigCommerce and Shopify with Amazon Buy With Prime
  • Going head-to-head: The verdict

What is the Amazon Buy With Prime program?

The Prime program offers members convenience, discounts and faster shipping. The Buy With Prime badge helps products stand out from the competition. The Prime program also helps members discover unique items from smaller businesses, which is another great benefit.

Oliver wants to use the Prime badge because he knows that Prime members are usually more active shoppers on Amazon. “46% of Amazon Prime subscribers buy something online using the benefits of their subscription at least once a week. In contrast, only 13% of non-Prime Amazon shoppers make weekly purchases.”

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Amazon Buy With Prime can help OliShirts and other small businesses sell more. Amazon runs an annual Prime Day sale that drives revenue to new products. In 2022, Amazon saw a whopping USD 12 billion sales during Amazon Prime Day. This is a great opportunity, especially if you’re a smaller business without the pull of bigger brands in your category.

Why should you use Amazon Buy With Prime?

  • Access more customers: Amazon Prime subscribers are a large and loyal customer base. They buy more often and spend more money on Amazon.
  • Stand out: The Amazon Buy With Prime badge helps increase product visibility. The badge identifies products with better deals for Prime subscribers.
  • Increase trust: The Amazon Prime brand has a great deal of value. Customers tend to trust Prime products more than others sold on the marketplace.
  • More conversions: Prime subscribers are highly active, engaged shoppers. Since shipping is free and fast, there are no hidden costs at the last minute. The cart abandonment rate drops. This increases the conversion rate.

How do you get started?

  • Create an Amazon Seller account.
  • You’ll need to meet certain eligibility requirements (like a Professional selling plan and high-performance metrics). Check them out here.
    • At the time of writing, enrollment into the Seller-Fulfilled Prime program is closed. You can, however, join the waitlist.
    • Amazon Prime Badge

  • Opt-in to the Buy With Prime program.
  • Go to your Amazon seller account’s ‘Manage FBA Inventory’ page.
  • Select the products that you want to include in the program.
  • You can choose whether or not to have your Prime products fulfilled by Amazon or direct from your warehouse.
  • You can monitor your performance through Amazon’s dashboard. Ensure you meet specific metrics (rate of product defects, late arrivals, cancellations). You must meet Amazon’s standards to remain in the Buy With Prime program.

Integrating your Amazon Buy With Prime with your eCommerce site

Integrate Amazon Buy With Prime with your eCommerce site to sell online more efficiently. Platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify offer native integration with Amazon Pay and Amazon Buy With Prime. Oliver uses BigCommerce, but he explored Shopify extensively before getting started. Let’s discuss both.

You can visit your platform’s settings to set up Amazon Buy With Prime, but set up Amazon Pay first. You can visit your platform’s settings to set up both integrations. You’ll need to apply your Amazon Seller credentials and configure both.

Test the integrations thoroughly before launch. Place test orders and verify them before proceeding. You can then take it to launch on the eCommerce site. You can also update the site’s design and layout to incorporate the Buy With Prime logo and messaging. Update your site’s checkout flow to include the new payment option. This will vary based on the specific platform that you’re using. You can check the platform’s documentation to confirm how to move forward.

Using BigCommerce and Shopify with Amazon Buy With Prime

BigCommerce and Shopify both offer native and third-party tools and integrations to let you take advantage of Amazon Buy With Prime.

  • Creating an Amazon Sales Channel: Your store can connect to your Amazon Seller account through the Amazon Sales Channel integration. These Amazon Sales Channel integrations let you create, list and manage Amazon product listings directly from your eCommerce store. You can include eligible Amazon Buy With Prime badges and listings. Since it syncs up both sales channels in real-time, inventory and order management becomes seamless.
  • Setting up Amazon Pay: Shopify and BigCommerce offer native Amazon Pay integrations. With Amazon Pay, you gain a fast, secure checkout solution. Customers can complete their purchases on your website, using Amazon account information. Amazon Pay offers a seamless checkout experience. This reduces cart abandonment and increases conversion rate.
  • Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA): You have two Amazon Buy With Prime options. You can sell from your warehouse or through Amazon’s fulfillment centers. Amazon takes care of packing, shipping, and customer service. Merchants can set up FBA through Amazon Sales Channel integration, on BigCommerce or Shopify.

Going head-to-head: The verdict

Should you opt for BigCommerce or Shopify to integrate with Amazon Buy With Prime? There’s a range of factors that could help you make this decision. What are your specific needs as a merchant? What is the nature of your business?

Oliver opted for BigCommerce over Shopify, though BigCommerce and Shopify have comparable features when it comes to Amazon integrations. (That includes both Amazon Pay and Buy With Prime.) However, there are a few ways that BigCommerce wins over Shopify.

  • Customer support: BigCommerce offers 24×7 customer support (on all plans). This is a major advantage compared to Shopify. Shopify support comes with an extra charge for priority support.
  • Scalability and flexibility: BigCommerce can handle vast stores with high traffic. It’s also more flexible in terms of design and customization. You can more easily add tools and integrations.
  • Lower fees: If you’re processing a very high sales volume, BigCommerce may be preferable. Its transaction fees are lower than those of Shopify.

Overall, while both platforms offer similar features and functionality, BigCommerce may be a better choice for merchants like Oliver, who:

  • need more built-in functionality
  • want a highly scalable platform
  • are looking to save money on transaction fees over time

However, the best choice of platform ultimately depends on your specific needs and goals.

Oliver has found that Amazon Buy With Prime is a great way to improve conversions and revenue. By integrating with Amazon, he’s reaching a larger audience and leveraging Amazon Prime benefits. While both BigCommerce and Shopify offer native Amazon integrations, we recommend using BigCommerce. Its native integrations help you sell your products through Amazon Buy With Prime. It also has better customer support, greater flexibility and scalability, and lower transaction fees. Talk to our team of BigCommerce integration experts to get started today!