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Building the mobile sales channel for an electrical components distributor.


mobile apps built




Tech Stack

  • iOS
  • Android

One of USA’s top electrical distributors

USESI is one of the top three Wholesale Electrical Components Distributors in the USA. USESI holds 14+ subsidiary brands and caters to a diverse customer base, including; engineers, contractors and architects.


As a part of its omnichannel initiative, the brand, which had its online store operating on Magento, wanted to tap into potential customers who prefer shopping via mobile.

The brand was looking for a mobile app development partner to build apps on both iOS and Android.

Owning 15 brands (online stores) across the US, USESI wanted a solution to overcome the scenario of building 15 exclusive apps for each of its online stores on iOS and Android.



Analyzing the brand's requirements, team Ziffity came up with an idea to reduce the cost, effort, and development time required to build individual apps for each store.

Native App Elements

For users to access the built-in features of their mobile while shopping, Ziffity built elements like header, footer, home page, camera, etc, using Android and iOS SDKs, respectively.

Hybrid Approach

Team Ziffity facilitated the app to render content from the online store apart from the elements built natively using Android and iOS SDKs. This helped the brand avoid building and managing separate codebases for each of its 15 stores.

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