Omni-Channel Commerce

Fast-changing customer behaviors and various sales channels emerging out of the digital commerce world demand omnichannel strategies. With a well-thought-out omnichannel strategy in place, your brand can create consistent and value-centric experience no matter which channel your customer chooses to access your products and services.

Ziffity’s omnichannel experts develop tailor-made and adaptive customer-centric strategies after a thorough understanding of your challenges. Our solutions help you reach your customers through hyper-personalized messages across all channels.

To create an immersive customer experience, our omnichannel strategy focuses on identifying the various channels through which customers discover your brand, the geolocation and the device (smartphone/laptop/tablet) they use.

The shopper can access the brand webpage for a particular product. If he doesn’t buy it, we’ll retarget through Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other channels where the shopper spends time. With multiple ads through different channels, our retargeting strategy moves the customer to the bottom of the sales funnel and thus improves conversion.

Why Choose Ziffity for Omni-Channel Commerce?

Ziffity helps brands understand the Omni-Channel commerce and identify customer’s needs across different channels. We then collate the best-practices and marketing insights to create winning strategies and implement them to offer a superb omnichannel experience.

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