Omni-Channel Commerce

We are a full-service digital commerce agency focused on helping B2B & B2C businesses to overcome their omnichannel eCommerce challenges and achieve future aspirations. Be it consulting, creative redesign, implementation, replatforming, digital marketing, automation [chatbots/RPA/machine learning], cloud/devops among others, we provide end-to-end ecommerce solutions. Our deep expertise propel brands towards achieving disruptive growth in existing and new markets.


We align our execution approach to your short and long-term business goals, discovery phase helps you brainstorm with our eCommerce consultants, put your needs across the table and work hand-in-hand with our experts to decide on your creative, channel, customer, commerce and content strategy. Our discovery process includes.

Digital Marketing

Our Digital Marketing campaigns are the last mile runners in getting your business and brand story conveyed to your target audience. From organic search to content marketing to paid ad campaigns, our strategies are aligned to 4 fundamental principles of marketing, attract, engage, convert and sustain.

Managed Services

Our managed services provide a wholesome solution to take the worry off on your eCommerce platform maintenance, enhancements and 24/7 support. If you are a large organization, we can setup a dedicated managed services team with all the required expertise.

Creative Design

We follow an iterative approach to creative design, from inherently understanding your brand to building new-age design mocks. Our creative lead, instruction designers, UX specialist, technologist, business analyst, marketer will work in conjunction with your team to produce compelling design materials.


Most eCommerce implementations today are platform driven, Magento and SFCC are two such dominant platforms in the market. Over the years Ziffity has gained unmatched expertise in these platforms, which helps our clients with faster time-to-market, impeccable execution and high quality deliverables.


By integrating third-party systems and tools into eCommerce infrastructure we enable brands to extend the capabilities to better their inventory management, order management, product information management, warehouse management, shipping, payments, analytics and much more.

Why Choose Ziffity for Omni-Channel Commerce ?

Ziffity helps brands understand the Omni-Channel commerce and identify customer’s needs across different channels. We then collate the best-practices and marketing insights to create winning strategies and implement them to offer a superb omnichannel experience.

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