Magento Epicor Integration

Ziffity has extensive experience in integrating Magento Epicor integration. Our Solution Accelerator shortens time to market, reduces your implementation cost as it covers a majority of your Epicor ERP integration needs.

Our Solution Accelerator includes integration points related to pricing, orders management (order placement, cancellation, order status), inventory, catalog/product, customer among others. It also has the provision to choose between Real-time API Calls vs automated periodic synch for each data point.

Magento Epicor Integration Accelerator Features

Customer Data

You want your customer data to be in sync at all times across your channels. With Magento Epicor integration, when your customers register or update their profile on the eCommerce platform (Magento), the data is automatically updated on the Eclipse and vice versa.

Product Pricing and Inventory

You can toggle between making a real-time call on pricing and inventory from Eclipse or getting the data locally from Magento systems. Pricing and inventory data will be consumed across the product listing page, product detail, cart, and checkout. Pricing will be retrieved based on the customer group/tier/account, while inventory details will be retrieved at store, branch, warehouse or distribution center level.

Order data

Automated bi-directional Epicor Magento integration of order details between Eclipse and Magento is offered so that complete order history is available for customers, the order status is notified and canceled-orders are synched to Eclipse and vice-versa. In B2B scenarios, the customer’s maximum credit limit is checked before allowing to place orders in Magento.


In case, Eclipse is your PIM (product information management) system, you will need to synchronize your catalog/product data to Magento manually. Our Epicor Magento integration Accelerator does that and also helps to configure the frequency of such syncs.

Magento Epicor Integration Benefits

Omnichannel Experience

With Magento Epicor integration, extend your pricing strategies like unique-pricing-per -customer to your online channel. Whether a customer places the order with a sales agent or through your web store, the preferential pricing remains the same. Accelerator also enables “order online pick-up in store” feature because support for an order placed on Magento platform can be managed via Eclipse interface.

Seamless Data Integration

Save time seamless Magento Epicor integration with of customer data, product data, sales orders and shipping updates between Magento and Eclipse. Bi-directional Epicor Magento integration ensures that the data between the systems are consistent and accurate.

Real-Time Data

Our Solution Accelerator for Magento ERP integration eliminates manual data entry and enables live inventory/pricing in your online stores. Build trust among customers by displaying the accurate inventory details before accepting orders. You could also provide a window for your customer to view inventory across multiple stores.

Time to Market

Accelerator, as the name suggests, can help in reducing your time to market. Typically a large B2C or B2B implementation is a time-consuming initiative but with our accelerator, it can be reduced by up to 30%.

If you are looking into Mangeto Epicor Integration, our accelerator is a perfect solution for you

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