While Design, Channel and Technology are important for Digital Marketing, the most vital element is Content and it sits right in the centre of your Digital Marketing strategy. No Content …No Digital Marketing.

When we talk about channels like Search, Email, Mobile and Social, success rate in each one of them largely depends on the quality of your content. If you are working on Search Marketing, the key is having Content which is unique and mapped to search keywords. Even when you are doing Pay-per-click campaigns, the Ad copy and landing page Content is critical in persuading the user to stay on the site and not bounce off.

In case you are running an Email Marketing program, your open rate and CTR depends on what kind of reputation you have built with your earlier message Content. If the recipient likes what you shared last time around, it is most likely that they will open your message again.

Know why Google is not admiring you like you want it to?

Similar is the case with Social, the engagement rate (likes + comments + shares) depends on how much value your audience perceive in your posted Content. Is it educational, inspiring, inviting or thought provoking? Getting users glued to your Mobile marketing campaign is challenging, Mobile oriented Content (compatible imagery, video, copy and gamification) along with responsive design would be key to making this channel work to your advantage.

Channels are basically conduits to reach your target audience. It is Content which stimulates the interest and tips the desire to buy or engage with you. So before you start your Digital Marketing campaign think about what Content you are going to produce and how are you going to make it standout.

The key to good Content is,

  1. Seeking clear purpose – Why am I producing this piece of Content? Is it for Thought leadership, Lead generation?
  2. Producing the Content keeping the persona in mind – Whom would this Content appeal to?
  3. Making the Content actionable – How does this content help my user?
  4. Making it shareable across multiple Channels.
  5. Making it engaging (Create a focus group to get feedback on the content produced to see if it has enough sticky factors in it.)