Growth opportunities for the health and beauty industry in the digital landscape has always been on the rise. According to eMarketer, Health, Personal Care, and Beauty online retail industry will hit $85.50 billion in revenue by the end of 2022.

As health care and beauty products are considered as essential needs by online shoppers, the growth graph hasn’t wavered much for a long time. Though the loyalty hasn’t changed, behavioral changes have happened thick and fast, forcing retailers to spruce up their eCommerce approaches, to live up to the new-gen expectations.

The current market scene:

Recently, online retail sales of beauty products witnessed a rise, capturing 90% of total beauty spend – Women’s Wear Daily. Wellness products have also had their lion’s share of the online spend. Online sales of soap and hand sanitizer are up 262%, body wash 194%, and vitamins 166%.

However, the other noteworthy aspect is major names like Lord and Taylor and Macy’s, the go-to source for people to buy health and beauty products, are suffering a slump.

That brings us to discuss on the topic – How Health and Beauty retailers can leverage eCommerce better to serve customers during tough times. In this blog, we’ll discuss the five strategies that help your eCommerce address the ever-changing needs of health and beauty product consumers.

Guided Selling – The most genuine way to sell

Simplifying your search by narrowing down options without bombarding with offers and discounts is what makes your in-store sales efforts genuine. Using the guided selling technique, you can achieve the same in your online store.

Guided selling can be executed in multiple forms. It could be a questionnaire, a quick quiz, an interactive chatbot conversation, or an AR-based engagement.

Launch ‘Loyalty Programs’ and improvise on the go

Health and beauty products, like groceries, enjoy the benefit of mostly falling under the category that needs regular replenishments. For such businesses, loyalty programs can work wonders.

By encouraging people with rewards for the money they spend on buying your products, you make sure that your brand becomes their go-to option for products they buy regularly.

Help customers stock up with ‘Product Bundles’

When it comes to stocking up, essential goods are on the priority list. Food raw materials, sanitary products, health supplements are goods that families need to survive and maintain healthy hygienic conditions.

Bundle essential products and offer discounts like buy 3 get 1, buy two to get 50% off on the third one, 5 products for $50, spend more than $100 to get x% discount or avail free shipping. Such bundles can help cross-sell, improve conversions, and average order values.

Create content to promote product discovery

Learning about new looks, trendy makeovers, health techniques, diet plans often drive the community of health and beauty product buyers on the web. Creating content on such interests and delivering it across platforms where users thrive, like social media, can steer new potential customers to your website.

Placing shoppable videos on streaming websites like YouTube can help you bank on users’ moods to buy.

Upgrade your eCommerce system to accommodate changes faster

How flexible is your eCommerce platform? It is an important question to consider as the flexibility factor determines how quickly your brand can bring changes to the market that new-age customers demand.

Your eCommerce platform should facilitate a speedy development environment for the technical team to build new functionalities, integrate tools and third-party systems, and improve on the go. Additionally, the platform should be available in multiple formats so that it is conceivable for businesses of all sizes and needs.

For many brands, meeting such a big list of demands could mean upgrading to a robust eCommerce platform such as Magento Commerce or Commerce Cloud.

Why Magento?

Magento can help your online business evolve, adopt tech, and grow faster to meet your customers’ expectations.

Magento has capabilities to build features that provide rich frontend experiences like UX personalization, loyalty programs, marketing campaigns, product bundling, building user-generated content like reviews, and much more.

The platform also provides technical stability and scalability that can enable your eCommerce system to grow adaptively.

How can Ziffity help?

Ziffity, as an Adobe Silver Solution Partner, can help migrate to Magento Commerce or build a new store from the ground up, faster. Our certified Magento professionals have experience working in real-time projects across several industry verticals.

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