You’ve probably read the statistics announcing that the global eCommerce market is expected to hit $18.89 trillion by 2027, and it’s time you make sure your company is not left behind. As consumers prefer shopping online and going digital these days, Salesforce helps brands and retailers worldwide serve online customers efficiently.

Improvising your online presence and providing a hassle-free customer experience is a crucial goal for each brand. Since each customer has different choices, satisfying each and every customer’s needs can be challenging. A company must always be careful in acknowledging and capitalizing on its needs and requirements. Wondering how Salesforce Commerce Cloud can help in this regard? How can we be sure that SFCC can help run your business and address all issues effectively?

All about SFCC

Salesforce Commerce Cloud was previously known as Demandware. It is a user-friendly, seamless eCommerce platform designed and built with a clear purpose to help businesses grow their brand value, explore unknown business opportunities, generate more sales, and convert more customers in the simplest and most effective way possible. This cloud-based commerce platform is the best choice for every growth-oriented business looking to create extraordinary buying experiences across different channels for its customers.

SFCC provides a suite of features to transform the ways brands connect with customers at every stage of their customer journey. The Commerce Cloud makes a smooth transition from one channel to another. So, every business is supported across every platform and phase of engagement. This Salesforce Commerce Cloud is not only a medium to run online businesses efficiently but also an inclusive and feature-rich cloud-based eCommerce platform that encourages businesses to make intelligent and stimulating shopping experiences for customers across all channels such as mobile, web, store, social, etc.

Why choose SFCC?

SFCC helps coordinate order management, online store, predictive intelligence, and mobile point of sale. It makes shopping enjoyable, interactive, engaging, and customized in every digital medium. It is a multi-occupant architecture that provides a huge boost to the safety and reliability concerns of the platform. The three service categories of this seamless platform – intelligence, experience, and operations work cordially to power all stages of cross-channel commerce. With all the transitions in consumer buying behavior and technology, this Omnichannel omission gives a seller enhanced control from discovering through engagement, transactions, analytics, customer service, relationship building, and community development.

Key Features Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud Digital

You can create a fully responsive website with the help of popular tools, mobile frameworks, and other features. With the help of Commerce Cloud Digital, you can present your online store on social media and extend your target audience. Apart from all this, you can also optimize mobile payment and search, reduce cart abandonment, and build your branded app to improve customer experience on mobile.

Storefront Reference Architecture

With this advanced framework, you can build a customized, professional website in no time. You can use pre-designed wireframes, embedded digital innovation technologies, and valued integrations for customizations to maintain your website successfully.

Commerce Cloud Endless Aisle

With SFCC, you can unify your shopping channels and make the purchasing process easier not only for your customers but also for your store associates. You can deliver personalized customer experiences and provide your team members access to customer databases and information on online inventory. Through this, your customers have the privilege to create their wishlist with desired items. You can also reduce your walk-in sales by showcasing special offers in your online store.

Order Management

SFCC allows you to optimize the process of fulfilling and delivering customers’ orders across the globe, automate the payment process, and manage returns and cancellations.

Commerce Portals

You can build a long-term relationship with your customers by engaging and encouraging them with loyalty programs. Since you can track your customer behavior stats with SFCC, you can provide your customers with related learning materials at every stage of their shopping path. You can also deliver relevant content and brand updates to your customers via communities, newsletters, and social media.

Commerce Platform

SFCC offers various templates, developer tools, and commerce APIs to build eСommerce websites with no coding skills required. It’s also possible to connect your commerce data across all digital channels and get data-driven insights about customer experiences within one platform.

Benefits Of Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Enhanced marketing tools

With SFCC, it is possible for you to connect your customers with the right product, variety, price, offer, and content at the right time to maximize conversion rates and boost average order value. You are allowed to manage and share product information, images, and content among various catalogs, categories, and websites. Merging all these things across numerous sites with different currencies in several languages is also possible with SFCC. On the whole, you can experience a one-stop solution for managing all your paid advertising, email marketing campaigns, social media management, and reporting for your business.

Predictive Intelligence

As businesses grow, more data will need to be segregated and analyzed. But as we all know, it does take a lot of time to analyze your vast set of data and succeed in the decision-making process. To simplify things and save time, To enlarge the implementation of artificial intelligence to eCommerce businesses, Salesforce built Einstein AI. This next-generation artificial intelligence platform eliminates the need for third-party extensions and manual data analysis. You can now integrate 3rd party AI tools with SFCC and help with data analysis and automate all your digital marketing efforts.

Open Customization

Commerce Cloud gives you the freedom to design a unique, customer-friendly eCommerce experience. This includes streamlining the single-page checkout process. Salesforce is one of the first commerce solutions that supported Apple Pay online, providing a smooth checkout experience. It allows users to complete the entire transaction in a single touch.

Mobile Friendly

73% of online traffic comes from mobile devices, out of which 55% of all orders are placed on mobile devices. Having a responsive website that focuses more on the mobile-friendly interface has become a priority. Hence to make this easier, SFCC offers users a rich mobile experience. This way, shopping and making purchases are quick and cohesive for buyers.

Enhanced Scalability

eCommerce platforms need to scale as businesses expand. Every huge brand requires the capacity to handle high traffic, sudden traffic spikes, high transaction volumes, and a mass inventory. SFCC can help businesses cope with traffic spikes on the spot, scale automatically, build pages that load faster, ensure secure transactions, and much more.

Omnichannel Capabilities

SFCC can merge eCommerce, order management, and offline store operations in one SaaS solution. This platform’s primary focus is to enable retailers to run their business across multiple channels from a single platform. It is widely considered to streamline the operations, sales, and fulfillment at scale.


With SFCC businesses can manage various storefronts at different locations worldwide from a sole back-end platform. Using SFCC, you can handle all your product data set for different stores. You can also manage multiple intricacies like billing, pricing, product availability, etc.

Good Customer Support

Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides round-the-clock support to all its customers. They make sure to cover complete issues right from fixing codes, improving security concerns to helping resolve multiple issues.

Overall, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a powerful, scalable e-commerce platform with many native capabilities around merchandising, multiple store management, internationalization, and customer segmentation. The decision to choose Salesforce Commerce Cloud entirely depends upon the nature of your business, priorities, the amount of freedom and customization required, and the amount of agility you want in your platform. This is where Ziffity can help you. Our team of SFCC experts can help you go through all the advantages of SFCC and if it is the right fit for your business.