Have you experienced Generative AI? If you have used ChatPT, you already have. But it’s just one of the many avatars of the new AI disruption. While on the customer front, Generative AI has started redefining content creation, it is gearing up to disrupt eCommerce brands and how they deliver experience to end users.

As an eCommerce business owner, it is time to know the advanced capabilities of AI and how it can positively impact your operations and customer experience. In this blog, we will discuss Adobe Inc’s Generative AI, Adobe Sensei GenAI, and its eCommerce applications.

  • What is Adobe Sensei GenAI?
  • From ‘Adobe Sensei’ to ‘Adobe Sensei GenAI’
  • Why choose Adobe Sensei GenAI?
  • Adobe Sensei GenAI eCommerce applications

What is Adobe Sensei GenAI?

Adobe Sensei GenAI is an advanced generative AI tool that redefines everything you do in your marketing efforts. The advanced AI leverages large language models (LLM) like Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service and FLAN-T5. This helps Sensei GenAI to facilitate brands to create and customize text-based experiences.

With GenAI capabilities, you can gain a deeper understanding of customers and strategize marketing campaigns better. Also, creating assets at scale and executing and measuring campaigns is now easier.

In short, Adobe Sensei GenAI is for customer experience teams to create one-to-one customer journeys that align with their expectations.

From ‘Adobe Sensei’ to ‘Adobe Sensei GenAI’

Adobe Sensei is where it all started. Adobe Sensei is Adobe’s one of the foremost AI offerings that found real-life applications in product recommendation. Adobe Sensei for product recommendation works based on machine learning models that crunch data from every single user’s interaction with your website. Based on the intelligence gathered, the engine maps products to users to provide contextual offers and product suggestions.

‘Adobe Sensei GenAI’ is the latest from Adobe’s stable based on the Adobe Sensei AI capability. Adobe jumped into the generative AI bandwagon with Adobe Sensei GenAI, which was launched at the Adobe Summit 2023 EMEA.

Why choose Adobe Sensei GenAI?

Source – Adobe

Adobe SenseiGenAI is natively integrated across Adobe Experience Cloud applications like Customer Journey Analytics, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Journey Optimizer, and Marketo Engage. The native availability of GenAI in Adobe’s widely used applications enables brands for wide-scale personalization.

With machine learning munching through more customer insights, marketing campaign results, and other interactive data, you can finetune marketing strategies on the go for better results.

On the whole, Adobe Sensei GenAI reimagines how you leverage Adobe’s applications, interact with customers and drive growth.

Additionally, Sensei GenAI simplifies the very basic need of Adobe users – exploring Adobe Experience Cloud applications and their business benefits with ease. Adobe has a knowledge base that answers the most concerning questions of businesses on growth and value AEP adds. With Sensei GenAI, you can ask simple text-based questions to access relevant support materials for any product in the AEP ecosystem.

Personalization redefined

Create one-to-one experiences that make sense for customers. Meet them at the right place with the right messaging that urges them to take action and keep coming back. Using Adobe Sensei GenAI, you can combine customer data and content at scale to deliver experiences that convert much faster.

Native generative AI

Adobe Sensei GenAI is natively available across Adobe Experience Cloud products and Adobe Experience platform. The built-in compatibility makes creating assets, delivering, and measuring campaigns easy. Leveraging it means finding the right Adobe Commerce partner to configure it to your business needs.


Create content and experience at scale. As an enterprise business owner, you need not worry about the act of balancing personalization and privacy. Adobe Sensei GenAI ensures your business adheres to the compliance standards of the eCommerce industry.

Safe-to-use content

You can be confident that the creatives you create using Sensei GenAI are free of copyright issues. Adobe’s GenAI is trained on Adobe’s stock photo repository and copyright-free images across the web. The images you create using Adobe Firefly are a variation of content with no legal issues.

Now let’s get into the eCommerce use cases of Adobe Sensei GenAI.

Adobe Sensei GenAI eCommerce applications

1. Content creation – Adobe Firefly

Source – Adobe

Adobe Firefly is the content creation masterpiece of Adobe. The content creation tool uses natural language processing to help marketers, designers and other content stakeholders to create compelling and unique content at scale.

With Adobe Firefly, you can provide text-based inputs to design creatives, write copies and create variations of content to suit different marketing channels. The NLP capability of Adobe Firefly helps it to understand text inputs and create high-quality content that matches your description.

Product imagery and videos

Enhance product images with additional effects. Create demo and walkthrough videos with changing background colors and environment.

Marketing Assets

Unique and compelling content is the heart of your marketing campaigns. With Adobe Firefly, create marketing assets for promotions, discount sales, email campaigns, social media, PPC ads, and personalized marketing campaigns. You can resize and reuse content to suit different marketing channels.

Text Effects

Create logos and unique variations of a sketch by instructing Adobe Firefly through text inputs. Adding to this, you can edit the outcomes with Adobe’s tools that you are already familiar with.

2. Adobe Journey Optimizer

Source – Adobe

Adobe Journey Optimizer is a single interface where you can manage scheduled cross-channel campaigns and one-to-one moments for millions of customers — and the entire journey is optimized with crucial insights.

Adobe Journey Optimizer is the one-stop solution to create and manage scheduled campaigns for omnichannel outreach and inbound marketing efforts. You can create personalized one-to-one messaging for customer engagement, be it for 10 or 10,000.

Adobe Journey Optimizer provides real-time insights to optimize journeys for better conversions and data that lets you understand the progress of customer journeys.

With the GenAI capability, you can leverage the built-in templates based on different criteria like objective, persona, and industry. With Adobe Firefly, creating content and multimedia assets for your campaigns becomes faster and easier. You can create copy variations for emails, push notifications, text messages and so on.

3. Real-time CDP

Source – Adobe

Deliver experiences that matter at the very moment. Across your customer journey (acquisition to brand loyalty ), there will be instances where you’ll want your customers to take different actions. With Real-time CDP in action, you get the most transparent customer data management console that can cleverly optimize your campaigns.

Adobe’s Real-time CDP creates real-time, cookieless B2C and B2B customer profiles, which can be instantly activated for personalization. These profiles are created based on behavioral, operational, and transactional data gathered through multiple integrated systems for marketers to speed up the delivery of personalized experiences.

With GenAI coming into play, brands can identify new audience segmentation opportunities, create new target customers and improve top-of-the-funnel experience for them. As a step further, the natural language tools of Real-time CDP help you understand conversations to finetune segmentation and target better.

4. Sync sales and marketing teams

Source – Adobe

Adobe brings its Sensei GenAI capabilities to its advanced analytics tool Marketo Engage as well. Enable your sales team with more information on customer conversations to be more precise in one-to-one meetings and live chat. With the ‘Conversation Summary’ feature, you can provide summaries that reveal customer intent and topics discussed.

Generative Chat – Automate live chat conversations while maintaining your brand’s tone. With Sensei GenAI, you let your chatbots play the support or sales personnel role.

Dialog assist – Assist conversations and dialogs to be used by your sales team in live chat and also automate questions, answers, and topics to which your chatbot can respond.

5. Customer Journey Analytics

Source – Adobe

Natural Language Queries – Customer Journey Analytics brings in data from a variety of online and offline channels. Understanding this data, querying them, and discovering actionable insights have challenged non-technical users for a long time. By introducing Natural Language Queries in Customer Journey Analytics, you can get to know what’s performing and engaging customers. This enables brands to understand data better and find answers to overcome the challenges that hinder growth.

Intelligent Captions – Sensei GenAI will auto-generate simple text captions and descriptions for data visualized in various formats like charts and graphs by Customer Journey Analytics. You can understand data faster and get into action quickly.

6. Adobe Sensei GenAI for Experience Manager Sites

Source – Adobe

Combining GenAI and Adobe’s Experience Manager Sites, you can manage tasks like copywriting and translation from a single console. Editing, and rephrasing copies for different touch points will now be reduced to a few clicks.

Sensei GenAI provides provisions that enable your brand to create copies that stick to your brand’s tone of voice. You can train the AI models with your own marketing collateral to help AI create content that exactly sounds like your brand.

You’ll be able to look into the finest of details in content performance and modify and align it for various personas across multiple channels for better results. You can also modify content to adapt it based on regional audience preferences.

Final Words

The leap from AI to GenAI over the years is like seeing a so-far unseen machinery part work its magic. Unlike AI, which has been a buzzword for many years since its inception, GenAI won’t be a distant dream for long.

GenAI is real, visible, and ready to be tried, tested, and implemented. It has already found its application in several areas where businesses struggle and want to improve.

Coming from the labs of Adobe Inc, which already has loads of tools exclusively for commerce and customer experiences, Adobe Sensei GenAI has become the most accessible generative AI tool for business owners.

Adobe Firefly Enterprise is already out there simplifying content creation like never before. The eCommerce applications of Adobe Sensei GenAI we have discussed above will soon see the light of the day and will redefine how personalization is done in marketing for good.

Keep watching the space for more interesting updates on GenAI.

If you want to know how and where it can fit in your business ecosystem, we’d be happy to help.