For few, eCommerce implementation is all about technology platforms. If one chooses the right platform and finds the agency which has experience in it, they feel that they’re pretty much covered. For few others, emphasis is around design and understanding user behavior. In this article we are going to cover why eCommerce implementation is much more than just design and technology.

Successful eCommerce implementation is about getting 5 elements or ingredients right. When you get them in the right mix, that is when you get the best output. Let us call it the ‘5-C Framework’ – Content, Commerce, Creative, Channel and Customer. Now try removing one of them and ask a simple question. Can my project be successful without it? Certainly, the answer will be a big NO.

5-C Framework and what each one includes under them

For example, without Content, you cannot convey what your brand stands for, cannot engage with the audience, cannot persuade them to buy your products etc. Without good Creatives, there is no user experience or brand image. Without proper Channels for consumers to buy, you are leading to revenue leakages. Imagine a retailer without a mobile website, he cannot expect mobile users to buy or even access the site. Similarly, without a native app, he cannot engage registered users. for support and grievance, issues call center is a must. All of them are channels by which your consumer would reach you.

Another ‘C’ here is the Commerce platform. Without an appropriate platform which aligns to your current and future needs, it will be challenging to build your eCommerce business. Moreover, choosing the wrong platform may lead to high cost of ownership and scalability issues. And finally Consumer/Customer. Without them, there is no business. So once you launch your website, you need to know how you are going to get the traffic to your website and convert them.

The 5-C Framework is not specific to B2C alone. It is equally applicable to B2B businesses. Now if you are planning for a new implementation or re-platforming or in the midst of an implementation, see if you are well covered on all the 5Cs. This simple way of looking at an eCommerce implementation plan can tell you about how much ground you have covered and what you have missed. And further, there will always be a scope for improvement Knowing that and taking appropriate action will lead to successful implementation.