Many Industries. Millions Of Transactions. One Digital Ledger

Blockchain is a revolutionary shared ledger concept. It can turn businesses belonging to diverse industry verticals into digital powerhouses by enabling data transparency for millions of real-time transactions.

Banking & Financial Services

Blockchain will disrupt the centuries-old banking industry by modernizing back office operations, reinforcing security in online trade finance, fund clearing & settlement, ensuring KYC norm adherence & eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Supply Chain Management

From farm to factory and ultimately customer delivery points, Blockchain helps achieve total traceability of inventory. Retailers can reduce frauds & errors, inventory pilferage, reduce dead stockpiling and sell better with Blockchain.


Blockchain for healthcare can help distribute individual patient medical information equally to various user groups like caregivers, healthcare organizations and insurers in a legit manner that will streamline treatments and claims processing.


Blockchain for retail will materialize benefits like accurate inventory forecasting, identifying counterfeit or stolen merchandise, immunizing customer loyalty programs against frauds and ensuring food quality during transit.


Accelerated 5G enablement, identifying avenues for idle capacity utilization, local demand-driven pricing, real-time settlements are some of the benefits that Blockchain will deliver to the telecommunication industry.

Internet of Things

Blockchain for IoT will facilitate encryption-based data interchange between sensor-connected devices thus enabling an ecosystem where any IoT device can be tracked & exchanged without the need for centralised control.

Ziffity’s Blockchain Offerings

From engineering an exclusive Bitcoin for your business to offering Blockchain consultation for your existing & forthcoming systems, Ziffity’s Blockchain experts can help you leverage all the goodness of the trust-based economy.

Cryptocurrency Development

Go from paper currency to cryptocurrency with our expertise in developing bitcoin wallets, crypto coins, Bitcoin exchange platforms on any open-source P2P platform like Ethereum, etc.

Blockchain Development

Identify Blockchain use cases for your business and devise implementation strategy for short-term and long-term goals with our Blockchain development expertise.

Blockchain Consulting

Industry-focused Blockchain consulting services that can help you better your management process for smart contracts, digital assets and distributed applications.

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