AI Chatbots

Chatbots have become an integral part of a business to win, engage and retain customers and also improve collaboration within an organization’s teams. We provide scalable AI-powered chatbot solutions that can connect with your customers on social, web, and mobile channels and smart devices to act as brand representatives.

Our AI Solutions also include building two-way integration with third-party backend systems like eCommerce, ERP, CMS, Warehouse, LMS, IMS, Knowledge Systems and Custom Applications for real-time information exchange between the user and the bot.

Our Chabot Development Approach

Identifying Goals

Understanding why you want to build a Chatbot, we identify the role it’s going to play. Whether it’s going to serve as a customer service bot answering FAQs, assist users with information or help them buy or sell.

Knowing Your Audience

We get to know who your customers are, demographics they belong to and questions they might want to ask. We also learn by analyzing the history of interactions and zero in on queries which users might come up with and the appropriate responses your bot should provide them.

Building Conversational UI

Based on the context of conversations, we categorize them into structured and unstructured interactions that might or not require NLP. Based on these classifications, we build a conversational interface with actionable statements and buttons that help your customers do their desired action.

Dialog Flow

Considering the customer journey roadmap, we list down questions your bot would have to answer and create a logical dialog flow for each question. Our logic accommodates conversation routing which connects users to other questions or answers based on certain rules or values provided.

Picking the Platform

We ascertain whether your bot requires a rules-based approach or needs Machine Learning to learn on its own. Accordingly, we choose development platforms (non-coding) like Chatfuel, Botsify, Motion AI, etc or go with code-based frameworks like IBM’s Watson, Microsoft bot frameworks, or


Our QA engineers run bots through the conversational script developed and test for the quality of responses. After deploying, we monitor interactions, discover new use cases and keep adding them to the bot on-the-go. We also make sure your bots comply with the guidelines of the messaging platforms.

Why Choose Ziffity for Chatbot Development?

With extensive Chatbot development expertise, Ziffity can provide solutions that can offload your customer support responsibilities, improve inter-organizational communication, save time spent on marketing and engaging users. We have in-house experts to build chatbots with a winning combination of existing and emerging technologies like deep learning and NLP to provide your brand with a competitive advantage. If you are looking for a technology partner to enhance conversational capabilities with customers or within your organization, Ziffity can help.

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