Ziffity specializes in building custom Chatbot solutions using AI (artificial intelligence) platforms like API.AI, WIT.AI, Microsoft bot framework, IBM bluemix and Facebook Messenger Bot. Some of our productized solutions for AI Chatbots includes:

  • Customer Rep Bot for eCommerce industry
  • Auto expert Chatbot for Automotive aftermarket industry
  • Dealer portal Chatbot for Distribution industry
  • Brand engagement through FB Messenger for CPG industry
  • Claims expert Chatbot for Insurance industry
  • Health Chatbot for Health Education Provider

We build scalable AI solutions which can be extended to large user base across multiple channels like Alexa, Google Home, Allo, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Web Chat, Mobile App and others. Our AI Solutions also includes building two-way integration with third party backend systems like eCommerce, ERP, CMS, Warehouse, LMS, IMS, Knowledge Systems and Custom Applications for real-time information exchange between the user and the bot.

Building an effective Chatbot application is an on-going process, you learn every day in terms of how end-users are interacting with your bot and make relevant enhancements and build new capabilities to improve the user experience.

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