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75% of users never crawl past the first page of search results - HubSpot

Many Search Marketing campaigns don’t produce the expected results, despite significant marketing investments. Successful search marketing requires an understanding of each consumer profile, why/when/where/what the consumer will search for, how to engage upon being found, and how to migrate consumers from engagement to call-to-action to conversion.

It is about being found when someone is looking for you, and being able to sustain the consumer interest from found-to-conversion.

The success of an SEO strategy is determined by a thorough understanding of the target customer profile, their searching methods, how to engage, migrate and convert them through call-to-action. We continuously focus on making your business visible when searched on any channel. We create the best SEO strategies to engage the consumers all the way from search to conversion.

The experienced SEO team at Ziffity is fully aware of the fast-paced SEO trends. After a thorough evaluation of the site structure, the team starts with SEO-specific website development and content optimization. Then, we perform tasks such as management of online campaigns, keyword research, on-page SEO and optimizing metadata to help search engines find your content easily.

Our Search Marketing Services Include

  • Devising a robust Search Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Implementing Search Engine Marketing
  • Engaging site visitors with Custom Content
  • Building Microsite and Landing Pages for specific business services.
  • Deriving insights from Consumer Behavior Analysis
  • Reporting and reviewing Performance Metrics
  • Increase Sales Conversion through continuous efforts.

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