SalesForce Commerce

Meticulously Built for Smart Commerce Management

Empower B2B customer

Give your B2B customer, a B2C shopping experience – anywhere, anytime on any device. Simplify the business customer’s buying process with B2B-specific features like fast reorders, contract pricing, accepting online orders for replacement parts, streamline ordering, split shipments and implementing account-based pricing.

Commerce Convenience

Say hello to a quick website build and implementation experience with SalesForce Commerce Cloud’s SaaS advantage. Enrich customer experience from the first touchpoint to product delivery using the rich set of built-in features, integrations and customization capabilities.

AI Driven Personalization

Create personalized marketing campaigns in a jiffy and re-strategize on-the-go based on results. Harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for personalizing contents, products, offers and automating tasks to improve conversions and customer loyalty.

Multichannel Capabilities

Leverage multichannel advantage by extending your digital presence to social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Build mobile commerce apps partnering with SalesForce’s Commerce LINK technology partners and also integrate brick and mortar stores with digital channels.

Multisite Management and Localization

Expand your commerce by launching new websites for international markets in less time with our Salesforce Commerce services. Manage multiple websites centrally and take on challenges like managing multiple brands, locations, currencies and languages with multisite management capabilities.


Scale limitless with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. With 24/7 cloud support, your eCommerce infrastructure can scale adaptively to overcome mission-critical challenges like traffic highs, lows and fluctuations. No on-demand configuration required.

Why Choose Ziffity for Salesforce Commerce?

We have handpicked our Salesforce Commerce support team consisting of architects, business analysts, DevOps engineers, automation and manual test engineers with an aim to provide dedicated managed services for your eCommerce presence.

Our extensive Salesforce Implementation Services:

  • Consulting
  • Creative Design
  • Implementation
  • Customization
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Automation
  • User training

We have a dedicated Salesforce commerce team for managed services that takes care of needs like on-the-go enhancements and technical checks to keep your store technically healthy and equipped.

Our comprehensive Salesforce Commerce managed services:

  • Site monitoring
  • Periodic site audits
  • Site Refactoring
  • Bug fixes and enhancements
  • Design refresh
  • Performance Testing
  • Quality Assurance

We have a dedicated Salesforce commerce team for managed services that takes care of needs like on-the-go enhancements and technical checks to keep your store technically healthy and equipped.

Ziffity’s Value Proposition

We believe combining digital commerce with the capabilities of AI can add value to your business and that’s why we have chosen Salesforce Commerce Cloud to deliver enterprise-grade eCommerce solutions.

Growth and Optimization

At Ziffity, we believe in continuous growth. Our Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants have a keen eye on your growing business and identify opportunities to extract the most value out of the extensive range of services Commerce Cloud offers.

Faster Implementation

Our team consists of the right set of experts who will be crucial in several layers of eCommerce implementation. Our consultants, solution architects, support team, QA and customization specialists make sure the entire implementation process is zippy.

Multi-industry Experience

We have gained a deep perspective of eCommerce pain points and challenges from years of implementing & managing Salesforce Commerce Cloud for our clients spanning across various domains and business segments like B2B and B2C.

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