Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology aims at relieving employees from performing repetitive tasks and shift focus on those that demand more creative skills. With RPA, enterprises can streamline internal operations, lower operational costs, increase efficiency and eliminate errors.

Ziffity’s RPA solutions focus on building automation-enabled business operations where software bots compliment your employees. Through RPA, our team can automate low-value tasks like data entry, UI interaction, auto-responses and much more. Our expertise can also power RPA Bots with cognitive capabilities to perform tasks that require human judgment and decision-making skills.

RPA Services that Extend Beyond Implementation

RPA Assessment

Our RPA implementation journey starts with assessing your organization based on parameters like the volume of repetitive frontend and backend work, manual data entry, rules-based processes involved and more. Based on this, we asses the RPA maturity / RPA-readiness of your organization and identify the areas where automation can be used.


The POC (Proof of Concept) phase begins after we assess the areas for automation. POC involves structuring a plan to transition the manual process to automation. We conduct automation test runs by deploying RPA bots into production environments. We document our findings and consider stakeholder feedback to fine-tune your RPA transition strategy.

COE Design

COE (Center of Excellence) is the pivot of managing an organization’s RPA growth and makes sure it continues to deliver the benefits on a longer run. At Ziffity, we help our clients come up with COE and build an internal team assigned with roles and responsibilities to integrate RPA bots smoothly into an organization’s business process, people and structure.

RPA Testing

We test the POC with test data and record information before and after the test run. Based on the results, we either refine the strategy or communicate the concept to users involved in the process. At the end of every testing process, we deliver a flawless working model of a POC.

RPA Implementation

We deploy RPA bots into the processes that have been identified for automation. On the flip side, we train employees to help them embrace the change in the process and drive RPA adoption across the organization. Post staff training, we move on to extending automation services in other possible areas of your organization.

RPA Managed Services

Your RPA bots need continuous monitoring to keep it up and performing 24/7. We analyze operations on a day-to-day basis to identify and overcome performance bottlenecks. Our support and maintenance service includes change management that enables organizations to improve existing RPA processes on-the-go.

Delivering the Perks of RPA Automation Across Industries


We specialize in RPA (Robotic process automation), helping insurance companies to automate their processes around underwriting, claims, regulatory compliance, policy administration among others.


Our RPA Automation revolves for the banking sector includes but not restricted to areas like account maintenance, commercial banking operations, card services, loan servicing, compliance processing, and customer account management.


Our automation services for the retail industry spans across its end-to-end operations like in-store planning, new product launches, sales analytics, demand and supply plan, delivery tracking, ordering and invoicing, checkout automation among others.

Why Choose Ziffity for RPA?

Our approach towards RPA is to turn it into a long running strategy that continuously adds value to businesses. We have structured our RPA services in such a way that it caters to everything that an organization could need for a successful RPA adoption. Based on the automation-readiness of your organization, our team can provide strategic consultation to adopt RPA ranging from low-key to high-value tasks.

We build simple automation solutions as well as highly capable RPA Bots powered by AI, ML, and NLP to perform tasks that require judgmental and responsive skills.

Delivering RPA Solutions Through Industry-leading Platforms

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