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Grew Instagram followers by 250% YoY


2x increase in sales after refining social campaigns


100% increase in organic traffic


105% increase in transactions


35+ targeted keywords at top 3 spots in SERPs

Get the best ROI out of your PPC campaigns

Boost Your Business Success with Targeted PPC Campaigns!

Projections in Advance

Know the key projections of your campaign beforehand. You’ll get the ideal clicks, impressions required to achieve the conversion for the budget you are investing.

Campaign Ideation

With data from PPC Lite, we help you create campaigns and distribute the budget appropriately. This ensures you don’t overspend and achieve expected results.

Performance Optimization

We can optimize your campaign performance by fine tuning keywords, diversifying ad groups to improve CTR based on the results generated by PPC Lite.

Scale Up

With more insights from your campaign on the go, we introduce new ad copies and test them with the previous best-performing ones to keep improving your ROI.

what our Clients say


What our Client says

"In a short period of time since launch, we have had a
hockey stick level of growth. Hats off to team
Ziffity for a job well done."


"Always outstanding. Timely, patient, smart,
problem-solving. Wonderful partners
to work with."

"SEO and the technical team has been really good
in project management, communicating details and organizing
and prioritizing tickets."


"Wonderful partners to work with.
Always outstanding."


"The team is effective at finding and addressing
issues. Looking forward to
continuing working with them. "

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