Who They Are?

Fox Chapel is a publishing company that provides quality content on wood carving, home improvement, gardening and more through books, and magazines. The brand, with 25+ years of market presence, has published more than 200 books and introduces nearly 30 new titles each year.

What They Needed?

The growing brand wanted to improve scalability, performance, and in-store experience to cater to expanding product portfolio and customer expectations.

What Ziffity Did?

M1 To M2 Migration

To achieve better personalization capabilities, and improved performance Ziffity migrated the online store from Magento Open Source to Magento Commerce Cloud 2.3.

Ui / Ux

With insights derived by understanding buyer persona and analyzing buying patterns, Ziffity came up with a new design philosophy to increase engagement and conversions.

Performance Enhancement

Magento Commerce Cloud’s advanced built-in tools like ‘Fastly’ helped to improve the loading speed of the online store by 60%, which resulted in better customer experience.

3rd-party Integrations

By integrating the new Magento 2 system with a third-party ERP system recommended by the client, Ziffity enabled the brand to experience the best of both worlds.

Data Migration

Ziffity’s Magento experts migrated information from two different databases into the new store and overcame duplication issues by building a custom data cleanup module.

Cloud Migration and Support

Alongside Magento migration, team Ziffity handled Adobe Cloud Commerce implementation for the brand to leverage the built-in AWS cloud support of the platform.

Store Personalization

Magento’s ‘Dynamic Block’ feature customized by Ziffity helped in targeting different customer segments with relevant offers and discounts to increase conversions.


Ziffity created a custom script that extracts information like weblogs and other detailed metrics to monitor the website continuously and improve request processing on the go.

Blog Integration

The blog contents hosted in a third-party shared server were integrated into the Magento 2 backend leveraging Magento Commerce Cloud’s Fastly CDN.

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