Magento 2.0 Migration Kit

Is your Magento store slow? You are unable to scale your store? Cost of maintaining is higher? You are losing sales because of performance issues? It’s time for you to revamp your store now!

Magento 2 is faster, with new architecture which gives it a distinct advantage over Magento 1.x. Magento 2 comes with a range of new tools for marketing and site administration, along with two times quicker loading time on checkout and ability to handle any flow of visitors during a promotion campaign even on your busiest days.

Ready to upgrade but moving to Magento 2 seems too complicated and resource-consuming?

Ziffity’s Magento 2.0 Migration Kit can take the pain out of the process and migrate your store quickly with no impact to business. It provides semi-automated tools which helps in migrating your code and data related to product catalog, customer database, order history, promotions among others in less than 50% of the usual time. This leads to reduced cost, better time-to-market and significantly less effort from your end during the migration process.

How it works?

Is it Reliable? YES!

  • Migrates data including settings, categories tree, products, users, orders and all other information.
  • No downtime for your current Magento store
  • Transfers existing themes to new website
  • Updates or substitutes the extensions of current website’s with Magento 2.0 compatible ones
  • Recreate manually custom-built functionality of the current store for Magento 2.0
  • Quality assurance to make sure nothing is missed
  • Professional support team

To know more about our Magento 2.0 Migration Kit Contact Us and we will revert within 24 hours.

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