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The Manufacturing World is Changing, and eCommerce is Now Table Stakes

As a manufacturer, you maintain a strong relationship with your customers, providing them the exact level of personalized service they desire. But the world around us is changing rapidly, and the old ways of doing business won’t suffice for much longer.

For instance, your customers won’t have the time or inclination to call or email a sales rep to place their orders. They’ll want an eCommerce site that allows them to place an order or check the order status at their own convenience. And the demand for an eCommerce site will only accelerate as a new generation of buyers and purchasing agents — steeped in the digital age — assume leadership roles within their organizations. If you can’t meet their demands, they’ll find another manufacturer that can meet their needs.

Finally, due to the pandemic lockdowns and the retail apocalypse, many retailers have shuttered. Manufacturers across all sectors see the establishment of direct relationships with consumers as a lifeline.

Magento commerce – the DTC eCommerce launchpad for manufacturers

The Manufacturer’s Playbook For D2c Ecommerce

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) eCommerce is the way forward for manufacturers. Our eBook provides technical and strategic tips that can help manufacturers springboard to digital commerce.

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5 Reasons Why D2C Brands Should Migrate to Magento Commerce

5 Reasons Why D2c Brands Should Migrate To Magento Commerce

What makes Magento a better option for direct-to-consumer brands? From hyper-personalization to omnichannel capabilities, Magento has everything that enables innovation and continuous growth.

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How Do You Choose Best Magento Ecommerce Development Services?

How To Choose The Best Magento eCommerce Services

You’ve decided to build your eCommerce store on Magento. Where do you start? This blog highlights the key factors to be included in your evaluation process while choosing a Magento partner.

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Benefits of B2B eCommerce

A B2B eCommerce site allows you to provide the personalized service your customers want and need, but that’s just a start. It will also deliver critical benefits that will strengthen your relationship with your valued clients while allowing you to expand your business.


  • Flexible ordering - With just a few keystrokes, your customers can order from past orders, upload a spreadsheet with SKUs and quantities, or order from a shopping list they’ve created. Your customers can also share quote requests and shopping lists with other buyers within their organizations.
  • Role-Based Permissions - All companies place spending limits on their employees, requiring additional authority and approval for high ticket items. Role-based permission functionality allows your customers to manage buyer permissions themselves.
  • Robust Search - Enable your customers to search your catalog and discover products they didn’t know you carried. Intelligent and intuitive search capabilities, including filtering down by item, category, brand, or SKU level, promotes product discovery.
  • Streamlined Order Management and Inventory Workflows - Provide your customers with accurate and real-time inventory information by linking your ERP system to your eCommerce platform.


  • Differentiated Pricing - Ensure your customers see only the negotiated prices with every order they place (and eliminate follow up calls to your sales team).
  • Custom Catalogs - Create custom catalogs for your customers, which they can easily sort through and quickly find the items they need.
  • Flexible Payment - Enable your customers to buy via your website and pay according to their organization’s procedures: purchase orders, invoices, credit card, electronic payment, and so on.

Extend Your Business

  • B2B & DTC on the Same Ecommerce Site - With the right eCommerce platform, a single website can offer B2B functionality for your commercial buyers and a direct-to-consumer channel for customers.
  • Marketplace Integration - Extend your product catalog to online marketplaces, such as Amazon Business or Alibaba, to allow new buyers to discover your brand.
  • Marketing Tools - Leverage a host of marketing tools, such as customer segmentation and personalization, product recommendations, and the ability to launch, manage and optimize email, digital, social media, and SMS campaigns.

How Ziffity Can Help

The biggest challenge to launching a B2B site is the time and effort it requires, but Ziffity has you covered. We can:

  • Document your needs, build a project plan, and select the right eCommerce platform for your business.
  • Build your B2B website from scratch and have you up and running in no time.
  • Integrate your eCommerce platform with your backend systems, such as your ERP, CRM, or marketing automation platform.
  • Customize your eCommerce channel to align with your customer journey. Our experts can perform code refactoring, custom module development, and customization for your existing functionalities.
  • Affordable build packages with no payments for 90 days towards your Magento Commerce implementation.

And once you go live, we offer managed services for your technology and marketing needs, thus improving your operations and sales.

Direct to Consumer (D2C) commerce enablement with Magento and Ziffity

The evolution of the digital age has paved the way for manufacturers to sell directly to consumers. When Ecommerce offers them the best opportunity to grow quickly and profitably, all they want is an enterprise-grade eCommerce Platform to get going.

Ziffity, along with Magento, offers Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) commerce strategy for manufacturers so that they can enter the market directly — instead of depending on a middle-man entity.

Magento is Scalable, flexible, and it has B2C and B2B eCommerce expertise that inspires end customers and helps brands quickly enjoy new sales growth.

Magento Comparative Study

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Magento Vs Shopify Comparison

Comparison between Magento and Shopify based on factors like customer experience, customization flexibility, hosting and so on.

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Magento Commerce Vs BigCommerce - Comparative Study

Are you thinking of springboarding to eCommerce but stuck at choosing between Magento and BigCommerce? This eBook helps you in a part of your evaluation process.

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Magento open source versus Magento commerce – a guide for growing businesses to make the right decision

Magento Community Vs Enterprise

The price tag of Magento Open Source and Commerce is a deceiving aspect while choosing between the free and premium versions.

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Experience Driven Direct to Consumer Manufacturing Commerce with Adobe Experience Manager

The digital experience has become essential for B2B and B2C manufacturing companies. More than that, it is increasingly important for manufacturers to deliver consistent and personalized experiences for their partners and their end customers. Advanced digitization and integration with the horizontal value chain, suppliers, customers, and other partners have become paramount to the manufacturing companies. Adobe Experience Manager is helping many leading manufacturers digitally transform — resulting in increased revenue and efficiency gains.

As a Silver Solution Partner for Adobe, Ziffity’s AEM (Adobe Experience Manager) practice helps manufacturing organizations turn their existing commerce strategies more insights-driven and experience-driven.

what our Clients say

"Team has been proactively suggesting improvements and have been extremely responsive when emergency bugs need to fixed. It’s a pleasure to work with Ziffity."


"I have been working with Ziffity for about 4 months now and we have already corrected all our issues on the existing platform. Ziffity has been nothing short of excellent."



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