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The emergence of e-commerce has been a disruptive force for industrial wholesale and distribution companies. Distributors need to rethink their business-to-business (B2B) strategy and reach the direct-to-consumer (D2C) world to match the ever-evolving customer expectations. Traditional distributors are aware that their industry is rapidly changing, and the services they were once valued for no longer provide a competitive advantage for them.

Today’s distribution ecosystem needs to emulate the mindset and tactics that have helped e-commerce companies succeed. Distributors should focus on customer experience (CX) and support them across multiple digital touchpoints.

B2B eCommerce Insights

The secret sauce of eCommerce success for B2B wholesale and distribution

Magento For Wholesale And Distribution

How can Magento’s capabilities help wholesalers and distributors build great eCommerce experiences?

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B2B eCommerce success playbook for electrical distributors

Magento For B2b Electrical Distributors

How Magento’s B2B-centric features can help manufacturers and distributors take the eCommerce plunge?

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5 key areas to focus for successful digital transformation

5 Step Framework For Digital Transformation Success

A five-step framework for brands to plan their digital transformation journey to ensure successful outcomes and justify the cost involved.

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How Is Digital Reshaping eCommerce?

Millennials’ expectations for the B2B shopping experience are influenced by the same expectations they have for B2C shopping. If wholesalers/ distributors don’t have a stable eCommerce channel to draw customers and show them the value of their products, they are likely missing out on a huge number of buyers.

Ecommerce and digital transformation don’t unlock the full potential for businesses selling to consumers. To compete for market share as a wholesale distributor, they need to be part of the industry disruption and give their customers what they want. That means having an online presence that creates a seamless customer experience from search to checkout.

The message is straightforward for wholesale distributors – Don’t be left behind. They have to create or optimize eCommerce to help their businesses innovate and grow.

Magento and Adobe Experience Manager enable distributors with scalable and intuitive Commerce and Customer Experience.

Prepare Your Site to Serve Your Ecommerce Customers with Magento

E-commerce is instrumental to the success of most businesses, including those in the wholesale industry. Wholesale Distribution businesses have started to employ the latest eCommerce platforms as constituents in their long-term business strategies.

Magento platform improves the wholesale distribution commerce with the tools to form a fully centralized management system. It is the advanced commerce platform to meet the increasing commerce demands and industry interests. Magento’s business management solution for the wholesale and distribution ecosystem is universally deemed the most progressive e-commerce solution for all online companies.

As a Silver Solution Partner of Adobe, Ziffity has neatly bundled Magento into three packages – Magento Implementation, Managed Services, and Migration to cover every eCommerce needs comprehensively.

Magento Comparative Study

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Magento Vs Shopify Comparison

Comparison between Magento and Shopify based on factors like customer experience, customization flexibility, hosting and so on.

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<a href=Magento vs BigCommerce Comparison" width="400" height="250" class="lazy" loading="lazy">

Magento Commerce Vs BigCommerce - Comparative Study

Are you thinking of springboarding to eCommerce but stuck at choosing between Magento and BigCommerce? This eBook helps you in a part of your evaluation process.

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Magento open source versus Magento commerce – a guide for growing businesses to make the right decision

Magento Community Vs Enterprise

The price tag of Magento Open Source and Commerce is a deceiving aspect while choosing between the free and premium versions.

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Create “Amazon” like wholesale distribution commerce experience with Adobe Experience Manager

Today, for distributors and wholesalers, nothing is more important than their business’ online presence. It is a major source of revenue and is a great way to attract new customers, retain old ones, and keep the business afloat. Leveraging digital content sources like documents, images, infographics, videos, and apps is a great way to keep customers informed and maintain strong relationships with partners, stakeholders, and vendors.

Leveraging the power of Adobe Experience Manager, Ziffity will help distributors elevate customer engagement and create an experience that people remember. We help you leverage our Adobe Experience Manager expertise to deliver solutions across business functions and build a truly integrated experience.

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"I have been working with Ziffity for about 4 months now and we have already corrected all our issues on the existing platform. Ziffity has been nothing short of excellent."


"In a short period of time since launch, we have had a hockey stick level of growth. Hats off to team Ziffity for a job well done."



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