Accuracy and easy availability of product information are crucial factors that can make or break conversions in an online shopping experience.

Streamlining product information for online buying goes a long way from sourcing data from manufacturers to optimizing and delivering it across multiple digital sales channels. Thus, it could affect your time to market directly.

A PIM system can help you take on delays caused in enriching product information and improve your time to market. Read on to know how.

How PIM can help bring products to market, faster?

Streamlining product information involves multiple stages. Let’s discuss how PIM can speed up things in each stage.

Automate multisource product information

As a B2C or B2B business owner, you procure products from multiple vendors, manufacturers, and distributors. Each manufacturer will have product information stored in different formats that don’t align with the way your eCommerce store projects product information. Inconsistency in the product information is a challenge here.

Here is where a PIM system like Akeneo can help. By creating workflows using a PIM system, you’ll be able to automate the process of consolidating product information received from different distributors and maintain consistency in product data. This saves time, standardizes product data and ensures more accuracy in product information.

Streamlined workflow for a quicker turnaround

Presenting product information in a way customers can easily consume is a challenging task. PIM can help in optimizing and presenting relevant, in-depth and accurate data.

Optimizing product content involves several departments like content, design etc. If these departments work in silos, keeping track of updates made by each department would become complex.

A PIM system can provide a collaborative environment where all departments that collectively contribute to data can work in a central interface that’s interconnected. Also, having a workflow provides more clarity in what every department should do that helps in getting things done faster. All teams involved will be notified of each and every activity performed in real time and prevents multiple entries of the same product information.

Real-time updates help avoid delays in communication between teams and results in speeding up the process.

Ensuring Product Completeness

PIM provides a holistic view of how product information is shaping up. As all teams work in parallel towards enriching product information, a PIM system can throw alerts on missing information like images, specification, description, ‘how-to’ videos and customer reviews & ratings etc. So, teams responsible for the information can update the necessary details to make sure product information is complete.

This exercise offers great flexibility in quickly identifying incomplete product information and avoiding delays in updating the needed information. Further, completeness in product information help customers make well-informed purchase decisions eventually reducing product returns.

PIM enables marketers to come up with compelling messaging

A PIM system indirectly contributes to speeding up marketing initiatives. Even when launch deadlines are tight, PIM can help quickly implement product information changes across all channels. Using PIM, product launch schedules can be created that will allow your marketing teams to plan more efficiently.

With optimized, reliable and complete product data available, marketers can right away start planning for promotions in different sales channels. Clear and accurate product information helps marketers to come up with compelling messaging that best describe your products and also compose copies for ads and social media promotions.


Whether your business is launching new product lines or refreshing its existing product portfolio, rolling out updates into market faster is important to evaluate its success. PIM helps you achieve it.

By streamlining the end-to-end journey of sourcing, optimizing, enriching and delivering product information, PIM saves a lot of time helping brands to sell sooner and longer to maximize sales.

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