Guided Selling Solution

Do you want to help your Users (Customers/Consumers) find the right product and help them buy sooner? Do you also know that giving customers too many choices can be overwhelming and can cause them to leave your online store without buying just because they couldn’t quite decide what to pick?

When a customer comes looking for a handbag in your online store and types handbag in the search bar, she is presented with vast and random collection of handbags from $20 women Totes to $2000 luxurious Epi leather, designer bag with silver metallic pieces, Calfskin and microfiber lining. Too many choices is one of the reasons why customers find online shopping confusing and frustrating leading them to bounce off the site. If only you had a solution to help your buyers specify their needs, you could offer them the most relevant products, and significantly increase your sales and customer satisfaction.

That is exactly what Ziffity’s Guided Selling Solution does for you.

Ziffity’s Guided Selling Solution allows you create interactive product finders, product configurators and product advisors. The solution will act exactly like an instore sales rep who would take time to understand what your customer is looking for and show the product which fits their needs and expectations.

What makes Ziffity’s Guided Selling Solution perfect for you?

Easy advisor-builder: Create questions, answers and interaction flows. Address customers’ needs to narrow down the product selection by user defined questions and answers. You could be selling anything from clothes to cars, our solution can quickly adapt to meet your business needs.

Surprise and Delight: Create a memorable, pleasurable way for your customers to shop within your online store. Standout from the crowd and let customer’s pick the right product and reducing incorrect order.

Consistent sales experience: Simplify your customer journey and make even complex products easy to buy from your store. The solution shows only relevant products from your entire catalog in a simple-to-use interface.

Hassle-free integration: Enjoy seamless integrations with popular e-commerce shop platforms like Magento and more.

Benefits for Merchants and Retailers like you?

More conversion – Up to 45% higher conversion through better findability, tailored recommendations and top shopping experience.

Returns lower – We understand by providing perfectly matching products to your customer we can help you lower the return rates.

Increase customer loyalty – Creates happy customers by making it easy and fast for customers to order from you.

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