Elastic Search for Magento

Most of the buyers will abandon your store just after two unsuccessful searches. A search for “black leather boots” shouldn’t bring up “leather bags” or a search for “Nike Shoes” shouldn’t return zero results just because the buyer made a typo error. As an agency providing eCommerce and Cloud services we understand that search plays a very important role in the success of any eCommerce store. Our Solution Accelerator ‘ElasticSearch for Magento’ unites functions such as Lightning fast search, AutoComplete, Typo Correction, Higher Relevance, Faceted Search Filters, Multi-language Support, Merchandising and Business Analytics.

An intuitive ecommerce search experience that goes beyond finding only products

Autocomplete : Analyzes customer’s search intent right from the first character they type in the search bar and guide them to find the right product. And it is not limited to just matching the product title but could be extended to matching categories, related products etc.

Typo Correction : Improves the user experience with the automatic suggestion when customers enters incorrect query or they’re misspelled, the “Did you mean …” message is displayed there by helping customers quickly find what they are looking for.

Relevant Search : Helps enhance the accuracy of product search by showing products with exact match to customer’s search queries, relevancy is also enhanced by mapping results to consumer behavior, past purchases if any and demographics.

Faceted search : Let your customer easily narrow down their product search by using various facets and filters – from brand to color to size and many more to get more accurate search result.

Seamless Integration : Ziffity’s search solution seamlessly integrate with Magento and other major eCommerce platforms enabling you to provide fast, relevant and personalized results to customer’s queries.

See how our search solution can optimizes your customer’s shopping experience and increase conversions

  • 55% increase in search quality by returning the best possible results
  • 15% increase in Average Order value
  • 20% Increase in Conversion
  • 30% Increase in Customer Lifetime Value
  • 50% reduction in failed queries

Don’t let a bad search experience hurt your business, talk to one of our consultant for more details about Ziffity’s solution.


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