eCommerce Managed Services

Dedicated and shared support and maintenance services for businesses of all sizes.

Keep your eCommerce store up to date by signing up with a dedicated managed services partner. Your store can leverage the latest improvements of the platform it operates on. Regular upgrades and maintenance are essential to ensure a glitch-free storefront experience. The total cost of ownership can be kept at the bare minimum. As an eCommerce agency, we help you offload such continuous commitment to us, enabling you to focus on sales and marketing.

Why sign up for Managed Services?

  • Certified experts to manage your store
  • Version Upgrades
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Security fixes
  • Continuous improvements
  • Dedicated point of contact for support
  • Extensive reports on technicalities
  • Critical help

Ziffity’s eCommerce Managed Services

Get a tailor-made managed services plan for your eCommerce store.

Security Upgrades

Secure your store to shield customer information and other valuable data from cyber attacks. Our experts provide the latest security reinforcements to immunize your store from security vulnerabilities. With our security check routines, we identify potential threats and perform appropriate coding fixes and security patch upgrades.

Version Upgrades

Outrun your competition by benefitting from the latest improvements in your eCommerce platform. Our eCommerce managed services team checks for the latest version releases and is proactive in planning upgrades for your store. We ensure your upgrades are done faster and securely without disturbing your storefront experience.

Website Audits and Bug Fixes

Provide a hassle-free experience for your customers and administrative team as well. Through well-timed audits, we make sure that technical and performance issues in extensions, coding, or functionalities are diagnosed in advance. Quick bug fixes help prevent your store from experiencing significant damage.

Speed Optimization

Page speed influences consumers' willingness to buy from your store. Our performance optimization experts perform page speed and server load tests across your store to identify issues hindering faster loading. We tweak codes and carry out speed optimization best practices to keep your loading time at the bare minimum.

Extensions Development

Complement your store with additional capabilities. Our eCommerce developers can leverage the customizability of your platform to tweak existing extensions to your needs and build new add-ons. With our extension development expertise, we can help you build unique experiences for your customers.


The customization capability of your platform offers freedom to build personalized experiences. We can help you leverage it to the fullest. We have expertise in customizing open-source platforms like Adobe Commerce and API-driven platforms like BigCommerce and SFCC. Our team follows development best practices and coding standards to ensure quality.

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Partner with a dedicated eCommerce managed services team.

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Why choose Ziffity?

Quick Turnaround

We have the expertise to take care of various challenges involved in regular support and maintenance. Our team comprises developers, analysts, server experts, speed optimization specialists, and security experts.

Help Desk

Get things done smoothly with a single point of contact. We assign a project manager to listen to all your queries. You can inquire about the progress, report issues, raise tickets, and initiate new feature development or customization.

Priority Response

Segment your tickets and queries based on priority. Our response system enables you to mark questions with priority levels. Our managed services experts will delegate tasks within the team to focus on the alarming issues faster.

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