Creative Design

Design is at the core of our existence and it influences every aspect of our work. Design for us is all about User Experience, Intuitiveness, Simplicity, Engagement, Function, Channel, Attractiveness, Patterns, Brand, Principles, Direction and Persuasion. Design Thinking helps us provide not just stunning and memorable user experience, but in a lot of sense enables us to provide business solutions which increases online revenue, improves customer engagement and enhances brand equity.

For us building a web/mobile/product design is a journey by itself. We start with understanding your brand story, your vision, your objectives and what you stand for. Then we understand the types of consumers (personas and user journey) and their possible behaviors, identifying the means for customer engagement (interactive features, engaging content, call-to-action), and finally connecting all these dots together to come up with a cohesive and differentiating web/mobile/product design.

Our Creative Design Services Include:

  • Audience Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Persona Definition
  • Channel Evaluation
  • Information Architecture
  • Define Design Principles
  • Content Audit Matrix
  • User Experience
  • Wireframes Development
  • PSD Creation
  • UI Development

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