Akeneo Magento Integration

Akeneo-Magento Integration Accelerator

Ziffity, as an official partner with both Magento, an eCommerce platform and Akeneo, a PIM solution, has extensive experience in integrating both these systems. Our Solution Accelerator is built to shorten the time for integrating Magento with Akeneo and reduce the total cost of implementation.

Our Magento 2 Akeneo connector covers features like store view mapping, product attribute mapping, asset mapping, and product filters. The accelerator also helps import data related to cross-sell, upsell and similar products from Akeneo to Magento.

Accelerator Features

Accelerator Integration Setup

The accelerator integration setup provides the environment to establish connectivity between Magento and Akeneo. Magento store URL, Magento API tokens and other necessary credentials like consumer and access keys are configured in order to facilitate the communication between Magento and Akeneo.

Store View Mapping

For language-based store views, our Akeneo Magento Integration connector helps in mapping the appropriate Magento store view with locale on the Akeneo site, enabling you to import multi-language content in one go.

Product Attribute Mapping

Our Magento-PIM Accelerator can be used to map product fields between Magento and Akeneo. This includes fields related to common, variant, related, cross-sell and upsell products. Any new attribute not available in Magento can be directly configured and mapped in our accelerator.


In order to specify the products to be synced to your Magento store, filters can be used. Products can be filtered based on criteria like status, specific attribute set or updated date/time, product completeness, category and more.

Why Trust Ziffity for your Magento-Akeneo Connect

Combining the built-in capabilities of our Magento 2 Akeneo Connector with our expertise in community and enterprise editions of both the platforms, Ziffity can stage smooth and glitch-free Akeneo-Magento integration.

Magento Solution Partner

Magento trusts us. We are an official Magento business solution partner and our developers can bring to your table their diversified experience garnered by working in several complex Magento implementation.

Akeneo Solution Partner

We are a trusted Akeneo Solution Partner. You can be assured of a top-of-the-line code quality as we adhere to best practices and guidelines in customizing Akeneo open source and configuring Akeneo enterprise edition.

B2B and B2C Expertise

Be it multiple products with complex variants in B2B segment or multiple sales channels integration for the B2C segment we can help Magento work great with Akeneo. We have successfully implemented Akeneo for growing and enterprise-grade brands.

Time to Market

Our Accelerator is built to fast forward the synchronization between Magento and PIM systems and reduce your time to market. Our API-level connect between the two systems irons out frictions in the integration process and largely reduces manual effort.

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