What is Adobe Summit?

Join the event and get to know more about the backend of how Adobe functions. Let your experience become your business.

  • Connect with top brands from previous events
  • Educate yourself on how to make every interaction valuable
  • Meet various experience makers all over the world
  • Get more expert content and insights
  • Experience vast networking opportunities

Digital Experience Conference

April 27th to 29th, 2021

A Free Virtual Event

Sessions Glimpse

  • Building a Digital Foundation for a Scalable DTC Solution

    The majority of consumers these days have been focusing on purchasing directly from brands. In this session, get to know in detail about.

    • Why now is the right time to get digitally transformed.
    • Learn how to optimize your ongoing customer experience with a proper digital strategy and roadmap.
    • What all technologies you can use to build a convenient, streamlined DTC channel.
  • Commerce roadmap updates

    Get to know more about Magento Commerce, Business Intelligence, Cloud, and the latest Adobe Experience Cloud integrations from various experts. Drive your business forward with new capabilities and business strategies. In this session, you will learn in detail about.

    • Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei.
    • B2B enhancements.
    • GraphQL enabling headless.
  • Commerce Obsessed: How AI Can Drive Results

    AI is now booming and has a high potential for merchants to explore. You will Learn how Adobe Sensei is expanding its power from content and data to commerce. You will also understand insights on how this reduces time in performing manual tasks and a lot more. On a glimpse, you will be covered with the following topics.

    • How to leverage Live Search to drive results.
    • How Adobe Sensei uses a mixture of data and visual elements to deliver ten recommendation types.
  • Direct to Consumer E-commerce: How to Get It Right

    This session will be covering how new generations of disruptive brands are restructuring retail. Recently all e-Commerce brands are marketing, selling, and shifting their products all by themselves. It’s not become an end-to-end process taken over all by themselves.

  • Fuelling the Future: The 7-Eleven Story

    In this session, you get to know in detail how seven-eleven is shaping their business to become a digital leader in fuel, convenience, and delivery. Paul Wallace, head of digital innovation, and Stephen Eyears, general manager of technology and strategy, discuss their learnings and challenges in the execution process.

  • Reducing Migration and Maintenance Costs with Magento Commerce

    Today becoming a digital leader has become a necessity. Executing this in B2B E-commerce comes with its challenges. Learn and understand how a water technology leader, Suez water tackled all the challenges.

    • Suez WTS lowered development and maintenance costs by reducing their use of extensions by 75% and reducing overall integration pipelines by 60%.
    • Suez WTS saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in migration costs by switching its eCommerce stores to the Magento Commerce cloud platform.
    • Enterprises can create a highly personalized B2B customer experience that rivals that of B2C or D2C without sacrificing functionality or user experience.

Why Choose Ziffity

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our expertise

Magento implementation

We offer robust out-of-the-box functionality that allows retail businesses to build rich eCommerce experiences. Choosing to implement a Magento e-commerce store is one of the best decisions for your online business.

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Magento Migration

You can now easily migrate your products, orders, and customer-related data. Our team of Magento-certified partners will make sure the executed process is seamless.

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Magento Support

Keep your Magento store updated with the latest technologies. Our maintenance team will take over all the significant challenges to overcome future aspirations.

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Magento Integration

Let your online store stay top-notch in achieving all your customer requirements. We will understand your challenges and suggest to you the proper integration and implementation process.

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Comparative Analysis

Magento Vs Shopify

A head-to-head comparison in detail between Magento and Shopify for you to make the right decision.

Magento Vs BigCommerce

Are you thinking of springboarding to eCommerce but stuck at choosing the right platform? Many would have suggested platforms like Magento, BigCommerce, and Shopify.

Magento Vs Oracle Commerce

Magento Commerce and Oracle Commerce can be taken up as your platform if your sales top $100 million and will continue to grow over the years. If you are stuck in choosing between these two elite eCommerce platforms, our eBook can help.

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