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Comprehend your customer story better with deeper analytical insights.

In a world where businesses are drowning in a sea of data, extracting meaningful insights and making informed decisions is becoming increasingly difficult. Here's where Adobe Analytics comes in - a game-changing tool that offers a comprehensive suite of analytics solutions to help businesses gain a deeper understanding of their customers and drive growth.

With Adobe Analytics, you can collect and analyze data from multiple sources, such as websites, mobile apps, and social media platforms. You can leverage real-time insights to optimize your marketing campaigns, improve customer engagement, and enhance your digital strategy.


End-to-end Adobe Analytics

Redefine personalization in customer experience and marketing campaigns. Our Adobe Analytics services enable you to compile scattered data, provide a bird’s eye view of the interactions, and decipher what customers do and why they do it.

We provide Adobe Analytics consultation, implementation, and managed services for enterprise clients. We provide Adobe Analytics integration services for brands who use Adobe Commerce and other Adobe suite of products.

Our Adobe Analytics Services

Get started with the Adobe Analytics service you prefer.


Our Adobe Analytics consultants help you understand how it works, why your business needs it, and how it adds value to your business. From planning your onboarding strategy to implementing and managing, we give you a complete roadmap of leveraging Adobe Analytics to the maximum right from the word go.


Our experts take care of all crucial areas like code validation, tags to deploy analytics, dashboard settings, and so on. We help you determine the KBRs (key business requirements) and map them to a solution action plan to help you achieve business goals. You can track metrics based on criteria like dimensions, business rules etc.


Leverage Adobe Analytics’ Data Sources to migrate metrics and summary-level data from your current analytics tool. We also make use of Google’s Big Query to retrieve event data. We import it into ‘Customer Journey Analytics’ using Adobe Analytics’ insertion APIs or Adobe Experience Platform.


Integrate Adobe Analytics across other Adobe suite of products you already have in place. We can integrate Adobe Analytics with Adobe Commerce, Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, and Adobe Marketo. You can also integrate Adobe Analytics with other big data platforms like Tableau, SAP BusinessObjects BI Suite, etc.


Are you getting the best out of Adobe Analytics? Our optimization experts analyze your Adobe Analytics implementation and configuration to identify areas for improvement and effectiveness of your current set up. We then identify the shortcomings and provide fixes to ensure you get maximum results.


Customize dashboards to know how successful your digital sales channels (web, mobile, PWA, web portal), social media handles, SEO, and marketing efforts are. Our Adobe Analytics reporting team leverages 'Adobe Analytics Workspace,' a drag-and-drop report builder, to analyze data and measure results. We also capitalize on 'Calculated Metrics Builder' for you to track default metrics like views, orders, bounces, conversions, etc, and also set custom metrics based on your business specifics.

Adobe Analytics Migration Process

Step 1

Analysis and strategy building

Step 2

Design Documentation

Step 3

Deploy Code

Step 4

Set Library Management

Step 5

Configure General Settings

Step 6

Set Global Variables

Step 7

Configure report suits,Users and Access controls

Step 8

Configure Link Tracking Settings

Step 9

Publish Configured Settings

Step 10

Create Basic Report

Step 11

Build and Customize Workspace Dashboard

Step 12

Quality Assurance

Step 13

Go Live

Partner with a team of Adobe Analytics experts.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why choose Adobe Analytics?

    Adobe Analytics is an advanced and AI-powered analytics tool that enables businesses to make more sense of every digital interaction made via owned and paid channels. Adobe Analytics is the leader in The Forrester Wave: Digital Intelligence Platforms, Q4 2022. It provides web analytics, marketing analytics, and predictive analytics and helps you attribute actions taken on your website or any sales channel to its roots. Adobe Analytics offers the flexibility to migrate from any analytics tool.

    What are the advantages that Adobe Analytics has over Google Analytics?
    Adobe Analytics is an advanced analytics tool that has the following advantages over Google Analytics:

    - Adobe Analytics has a built-in data visualization tool. With Google Analytics, you need a third-party tool.

    - Highly customizable reporting, unlike Google Analytics which has predefined reporting features

    If you are interested to know a detailed comparison of Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics, get in touch with our experts.

    What are the system requirements for Adobe Analytics?

    Adobe Analytics is a browser-based tool. The key requirement for Adobe Analytics to work is a web browser. Adobe Analytics supports the following browsers:

    • Microsoft Edge
    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    Why should I choose Ziffity for Adobe Analytics services?

    Ziffity is a specialized Silver Solution partner of Adobe. We have 9+ years of experience providing end-to-end services on the Adobe Commerce platform. Now, we have expanded our services across other products under Adobe Experience Cloud, like Adobe Analytics.

    As Silver Solution Partners, we have the advantage of knowing the nuances of integrating Adobe Analytics with Adobe Commerce and other products in the Adobe Product suite.

    How can Ziffity help in Adobe Analytics implementation?

    Be it implementation, migration or integration service, team Ziffity starts with a discovery process. We then determine what it takes to take your business’ analytics maturity from where it is now to where you want to be.

    We plan your implementation and migration process following the best practices and standards recommended by Adobe Analytics experts.

    What is your Adobe Analytics implementation process?

    Our Adobe Analytics implementation process starts with the discovery, where we clearly understand your current analytics maturity, commerce and analytics platform, and future business goals. The implementation process is similar as the migration process. Refer the image provided above.

    How does the engagement model work?

    We provide three Adobe Analytics service plans. You can choose the one that suits your Adobe Analytics requirements. If you need a custom plan, our Adobe Analytics consultants can help prepare a customized plan to address all unique needs.

    What are the Adobe Analytics service plans/packages I can get from Ziffity?

    We have three Adobe Analytics plans, namely, ‘Basic’, ‘Standard’ and ‘Premium’. You can check out the hourly and monthly price slabs in the table given below:

    RATE/HOUR $40 $35 $30
    FEE/MONTH $3,200 $4,200 $4,800
    How much time overlap will be there between us?

    We provide a dedicated off-shore relationship manager to take care of all your inquiries and continuously bring you up to speed about the progress. In case of top priorities and emergency requests, our onshore manager will ensure that it’s resolved at the earliest. Since most of our Adobe Analytics experts are based out of India, there will be an overlap till 2 pm EST.

    How can I evaluate my Adobe Analytics implementation?

    You can evaluate your Adobe Analytics implementation using the Excel tools Adobe provides - Adobe Analytics Health and Marathon Dashboards. With these tools, you can monitor your Adobe Analytics implementation.

    Adobe Analytics Health Dashboard - Adobe Analytics Health dashboard probes into the details of a single report suite and provides a clear view of data collected in every component (Example - event, prop). This tool helps you identify any component in which data is not getting collected so that you can resolve issues in the right place.

    Marathon Dashboard - The Marathon dashboard helps you diagnose all the report suites in your organization, providing a bird’s eye view of how your Analytics implementation is working throughout your sites.

    Adobe Analytics keeps updating these tools to cater to emerging use cases and specific customer queries. You can access the latest version of these tools here.

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