The most successful online stores track their eCommerce metrics with an obsessive interest. That is what gives them 360-degree control of their business. But, it can be hard to zero in on the right metrics that will give your efforts a proper direction. That is why we compiled this list of 100 eCommerce metrics.

As the old saying goes, information is power, but it is those who use it properly, truly prosper. If you are in the business of selling products online, be it B2C or B2B or B2B2C, here are some 100 eCommerce metrics you can track and help your business grow by 10x or beyond in 2018.

At Ziffity we believe that eCommerce metrics is a lifeline for your business, the more you use them to measure, act and evolve, the better your eCommerce business performs, be it Operations, Marketing, Sales or Customer Service.


Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly

  1. Total Turnover
  2. No: of orders
  3. Average order value
  4. New vs existing customer sales


  1. Total Turnover
  2. Average margin
  3. Conversion rate
  4. Shopping cart abandonment rate

Overall/category Level

  1. Total cart purchased vs abandoned
  2. Market share
  3. Product affinity analysis

Top 10 Things to look out for

  1. Top 10 abandoned products
  2. Top 10 lowest margin making products
  3. Top 10 products to stock up
  4. Top 10 products to discontinue
  5. Top 10 out-of-stock products which were searched


  1. Top 5 pages where sessions are abandoned
  2. Competitive pricing
  3. Top searched product/category
  4. Average revenue per customer


Monthly Marketing Spend

  1. Marketing spend vs rev
  2. Marketing spend vs net profit
  3. Sales driven by personalization campaigns
  4. Pay-per-click metrics (impression/CTR/etc)
  5. Ad spend mobile/web
  6. Revenue mobile/web
  7. Engagement rate mobile/web
  8. Total value offered in promotions
  9. $ Value offered by promotion type

Website Traffic

  1. Site traffic (overall/by source)
  2. Unique visitors versus returning visitors
  3. Average user dwell time
  4. Page views per visit
  5. Top product pages by views
  6. Organic search metrics

Website Traffic

  1. Newsletter subscribers
  2. Social followers
  3. Social engagement metrics

Website Traffic

  1. Revenue by Source (email/PPC/social/etc)
  2. Day part monitoring
  3. Total sales from referral sites
  4. Customer acquisition by campaign/promotion
  5. Sales by campaign/promotion
  6. % of shopping cart revived thru follow-ups
  7. Sales from revived shopping cart
  8. Sales by demographics (sex/age/interest)
  9. Next quarter top selling products (predictive)

Top 10

  1. Top 10 products whose price can be raised
  2. Top 10 products whose needs reduction
  3. Top 10 lowest rated products
  4. Top 10 content by dwell time
  5. Top 10 referral sites
  6. Top 10 highly competitive products
  7. Top 10 products which needs to be abandoned
  8. Top 10 trending products (aggregate of sale/pageviews/reviews)

Campaign Responses

  1. Email campaign metrics (open/CTR/etc)
  2. Engagement rate with personalization campaigns
  3. Product reviews (day/month)
  4. Drop-offs by stage (journey)
  5. Drop-offs by stage (journey) by product
  6. Average Clicks to Buy (CTB)
  7. Heat maps for all pages (find patterns)
  8. Top 5 journeys used for buying
  9. Least used journeys for buying
  10. Last interaction attribution model
  11. First interaction attribution model
  12. Assisted interaction