VTEX Commerce

A powerful eCommerce platform that runs on the cloud

Sell anywhere, on any device, at any scale

Ziffity & VTEX join forces to craft next-gen Digital Commerce websites

Plug into the future of digital commerce

Ziffity’s eCommerce development helps you harness the best features of VTEX that are designed to sell more to the digitally connected customers

Supports Omni-channel strategy

An online store is simply not enough for the highly expectant customers. Sell on all imaginable mediums with Vtex omnichannel selling capabilities. With an omnichannel approach, provide customers the advantage of switching to their convenient sales channel to complete purchases.

On your own cloud

As a truly cloud-based commerce platform, VTEX helps you scale your resources at will, have all your data in one place and manage your business smoothly. Retrieve necessary data in a flash from your information repository and automate archival based on requirements.

Integrated CMS

Fully customizable front-end that lets you design and showcase content the way you want it, the way your customers would like and the way it would sell the most. From multi-level category classifications to pagination, the customization options are aplenty.

Marketplace integration

Omni-channel order management, smooth order processing, real-time inventory visibility, full-length logistics visibility and much more made possible with VTEX marketplace integration. Monitor every activity and analytics of your marketplace account via VTEX dashboard.

Measurable Economic Benefits that you can’t ignore

Ziffity can help you attain measurable economic benefits that VTEX has been providing many of its eCommerce clients

Improved conversion rates

Take your sales volumes to a new level with specialized tools for merchandising, marketing, CRM, checkout, storefront designing and much more. Features like smart checkout, PCI DSS compliance & intelligence recurring feature help forecast sales & fine-tune marketing efforts for maximum conversion.

Full commerce convenience

Deliver a consistent shopping experience across B2C, B2B, or B2B2C platforms and on all digital touchpoints on where your customers frequent. Have total control over your business executed through in-store kiosks, social media selling, online store, mobile app or pop-up stores.

Simplified store management

Centralized store management that lets you have multiple stores each with their own website, product category, content and brand identities. Segment your target audience into separate categories and approach them with customized pricing & marketing strategies for maximizing conversions.

Mobile-first design

Expand your store experience with a mobile-friendly design. Let your customers experience a mobile shopping experience that is interactive and engaging. The single code-based multi-tenant platform will assist in multiple eCommerce deployments in quick time with negligible downtime.

No license or setup fee

VTEX boasts of a low-cost and transparent pricing system that involves no license or setup fees. You can get started running your online store in an instant.

Streamline business operations

From marketing to order fulfillment and logistics, VTEX takes care of all commerce activities in a unified manner. No siloed manner tasks that drain your productivity.

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