Move to a Centralized Product Information Management System with Akeneo


An open source Product Information Management (PIM) solution that helps businesses centralize their product information and enables distribution across multiple sales channels.

Why Choose Akeneo?


Central Repository

Akeneo can help your business consolidate all your product information in a single repository.
This avoids duplication as well as any inconsistencies in the collection and enrichment of product information to be displayed across multiple sales channels.



Akeneo Marketplace offers several extensions which can be readily integrated to enhance your PIM experience. You can also customize as per your business requirements.


Workflow Management

Akeneo can increase your productivity level by streamlining the workflow for easier management of current product information and faster onboarding of new products to be launched into the market.



Akeneo offers multi-lingual support in the form of translation packs. The product attributes (labels) and/or their associated values would be translated based on the chosen language (region/country) channel.

Akeneo Editions

Primarily, Akeneo comes in two on-premise versions: Community and Enterprise.

Community Edition

  • Detailed product management
  • Localizations
  • Quality control
  • Configuration management
  • Import engine
  • Third Party Integrations
  • Data scope at the channel level
  • Different product attribute values depending on the channel

Enterprise Edition

  • All Functions of Community Edition plus
  • Advanced Rights Management
  • Validation workflow
  • Versioning and publishing
  • Rules Engine
  • Product asset management

Our Akeneo Expertise

Ziffity offers end-to-end implementation of Akeneo solution which will take you out of spreadsheet hell to an efficient product management system. Having implemented Akeneo for multiple customers, you can rely on our expertise to deliver the most optimum solution for your business.

Our Akeneo implementation services include:

  • Discovery and Requirement analysis
  • Setup and Implementation
  • Product Data Migration
  • Configuration management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Hosting and launch of your PIM

Our Clients

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