Who They Are?

A Revolutionary Furniture & Design Destination

VNTG Home is a revolutionary furnishings and design destination. Their core inspiration is to delight dwellers, home décor enthusiasts and designers with affordable and high-quality furniture.

What They Needed?

A Store to Merchandise Their Unique Offerings

This Cleveland based start-up didn’t want to be another run-of-the mill eCommerce store offering furniture but had some unique services up their sleeves. They wanted to put to use their network to offer the customers services ranging from transition, consignment, upcycling and donation services

What Ziffity Did?

  • UI/UX
    Blended the revolutionary brand image of VNTG Home with simplified user experience to achieve a website design for the targeted user personas.

  • Magento Instance
    Used the latest offering of Magento Open Source as the eCommerce backbone; which provided scalable and steady growth

  • Strategize & Implement
    Unique services offered required robust custom modules; implemented services such as transition, upcycling, consignment and donation.

  • Digital Marketing
    Increased online impressions and traffic by paid campaigns, search engine optimization and social media strategies.