Who They Are?

A Collaborative Media Platform for Home & Decor

Essentially a magazine publication, for home design ideas – Dwell caters to the best of the architects and designers. It provides them with news, ideas and inspiration through stories, blogs and articles.

What They Needed?

Content, Commerce & Social using Microservices

Having managed Drupal & Magento for their content and commerce needs respectively, Dwell now wanted to leverage on their reader’s affinity with the mobile device and foray into being a Social platform.

This step was planned to move from being just a content and commerce exclusive website to being a social publishing platform which brings artists, architects, and readers together.

What Ziffity Did?

  • Microservice Architecture:
    Implemented API first architecture using React.js, Hapi.js and Node.js to deliver a flexible and scalable application

  • Mobile First UI/UX:
    Tailored a mobile-first customer journey to improve the browsing and purchasing experience on the mobile devices

  • Publishing Platform:
    Combined three facets of content, commerce and social to create a unique Publishing Platform

  • Managed Services:
    Dwell engaged Ziffity’s Managed Services post go-live to ensure continuous improvement of their platform and to implement new features

  • Performance Optimization:
    Alleviated problematic performance issues with systematic and targeted application and server audits