eCommerce Strategy Services

B2B: As a B2B organization, you are constantly faced with challenges around unstructured & duplicate product content, elongated sales cycle, disparate systems, complex customer segmentation, not enough sales, inefficient approval process etc. An eCommerce solution tailored to your needs can help in converting more sales opportunities into revenue, help build a centralized product catalog repository, enable dynamic pricing and facilitate workflows for approvals. We understand your world and can help develop a B2B eCommerce strategy for your business.

B2C: B2C eCommerce is constantly evolving as consumer expectations are always on the rise, channels are converging in the most unexpected ways, loyalty cards are becoming less effective, consumer behaviors are changing quicker than ever and your differentiators have already become a norm in the market.

With a plethora of eCommerce sites available, consumer retention adds to the challenge. Your eCommerce site needs to stand out from the crowd with a unique story. We help our customers in identifying that unique story and translate it into an eCommerce solution that delivers results.

B2B2C: Online marketplaces provide a great opportunity for small enterprises to reach newer markets. Marketplace owners stand to benefit by providing a stable platform for buyers and sellers to connect. Licensed platforms for Marketplaces are not well established, and traditional eCommerce platforms are usually customized and enhanced to achieve marketplace functionalities. Our expertise in working with the marketplace model helps you develop and implement an eCommerce strategy for your marketplace venture.



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