Security Audit

Ensuring security of customer and credit card information is a top priority for any eCommerce business. But in reality, it is nearly impossible to keep pace with the growing number of hackers trying to discover new vulnerabilities. That’s why it is critical to perform regular security audits of your ecommerce website and other connected systems by security experts. At Ziffity we help safeguard your eCommerce business by uncovering security and privacy vulnerabilities that can cost you financially and negatively impact your reputation.

Our audit includes systemic assessment for Credit Card Frauds, Secure Data Storage, SQL Injection, DOM-based Cross-site Scripting, Email Injection, Insecure Direct Object Reference, Firewall/Malware/Anti-Virus, Data Encryption vulnerabilities, Risk management process, PCI compliance among others. Our team of Security Experts can also design tailored testing plan to meet your specific security requirements.

After the Audit is completed, we provide extensive reports including recommendations to help manage the vulnerabilities detected in your eCommerce application. These reports include comprehensive summary of security test, issues detected categorized by severity, remedial action and procedures. We also offer on-going managed security services to help keep your environment safe from new threats.

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