10 Pre-requisites for building your Online Marketplace

If you already own an eCommerce business and want to expand your SKUs by on-boarding other Vendor products or someone who is looking to establish a new Online Marketplace business or someone who just want to know what it takes to build an Online Marketplace, then this blog is for you.

Idea is to cover top 10 pre-requisites required to build an Online Marketplace business. As you might know online Marketplaces broadly has three entities, the platform owner (who owns the brand and eCommerce technology platform), Vendor who owns the products and the Consumers who buys.

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eCommerce website implementation strategy

Organizations at times rush to launch their eCommerce website. This leads to potentially compromising the crucial strategy phase and catching up on key decisions during the later stages of implementation. This also leads to a quagmire of changes that reduces the time available for the project team in launching a high quality eCommerce platform.

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