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How content marketing can help your ecommerce business?

For starters, content marketing is the process of promoting a brand by creating and distributing content related to the product or service. For any brand to be successful, it needs to achieve the trust of its consumers. And content marketing is one of the key ways to do it. This can be understood from the fact that more and more companies are making content marketing as a significant part of their marketing strategy. If you want to understand how to make use of content marketing for your ecommerce site and make it successful, read on.

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‘5C Framework’ for a successful eCommerce implementation

For few, eCommerce implementation is all about technology platforms. If one chooses the right platform and finds the agency which has experience in it, they feel that they’re pretty much covered. For few others, emphasis is around design and understanding user behavior. In this article we are going to cover why eCommerce implementation is much more than just design and technology.

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Protect your eCommerce Brand

Building an eCommerce brand can be challenging, and there are several aspects which can help or undermine your brand image, here are few basic things you need to take care to build and safeguard your brand.

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Multi facets of Interaction Design

Let me start with this phrase from Bryan Lawson and Kees Dorst, author of Design Expertise.

“One of the difficulties in understanding design, is its multifaceted nature. There is no one single way of looking at design that captures the ‘essence’ without missing some other salient aspects. ”

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10 Pre-requisites for building your Online Marketplace

If you already own an eCommerce business and want to expand your SKUs by on-boarding other Vendor products or someone who is looking to establish a new Online Marketplace business or someone who just want to know what it takes to build an Online Marketplace, then this blog is for you.

Idea is to cover top 10 pre-requisites required to build an Online Marketplace business. As you might know online Marketplaces broadly has three entities, the platform owner (who owns the brand and eCommerce technology platform), Vendor who owns the products and the Consumers who buys.

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Marketing automation and Digital Marketing

It is true that Digital Marketing is driven so much by technology. Marketing automation tools like Marketo, Hubspot, Adobe Marketing Suite, Oracle Eloqua help you run campaigns much more efficiently than you can do it manually. But does having a Marketing automation tool guarantee you success? Does knowing these automation tools make you a good marketer? Is it right to say that conventional marketing knowledge is fading or less relevant?

A marketing automation tool gives you the power to implement or change any aspects of your marketing campaign in seconds, which otherwise can take days to perform.  It helps you organize all your digital assets, build workflows, schedule campaigns, gets access to marketing analytics in no time, dynamically personalize content, etc. While these marketing automation tools are ideal for your campaign, you need marketers with sound marketing knowledge for a successful campaign.

To start with, getting your 5Ps right (Product, Price, Place, Promotion and Positioning), whether it is conventional marketing or digital, is a good foundation for your campaign. For example, there is no point advertising a product online if your price is not competitive or when you don’t have enough differentiator to position yourself uniquely.

Once you are done with the 5Ps, work on the well-known 4 marketing principles – Attract, Engage, Convert and Sustain. Is your content different and attractive enough to urge the user to click on your Ad? Is your story engaging enough to make the user go for the conversion (call-to-action)? Once the user has bought into you, is your product or service good enough to sustain their interest?

If you can get the basics of marketing right and top it up with a suitable marketing automation tool, you are certainly in for a home run.

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It failed again – my Digital Marketing Campaign

To make a Digital Marketing Campaign successful, you need 5 key ingredients and 4 key principles. Let’s understand what they are. The 5 ingredients include Content, Channel (search marketing, social marketing etc), UX (user experience), Analytics (for tracking) and Marketing sense. The 4 key principles include ability of your campaign to Attract your audience, Engage them, Convert them to buyers and finally Sustain them for a long time.

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Why is Digital Marketing Strategy an Enigma?

Why do organizations invest time and money on a sound Digital marketing strategy? The reason is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ in Digital Marketing. Most organizations are uncertain where to start.  Should you focus on Brand awareness? Should you focus on Demand generation? Should we first talk to the Consumers about their Journey? Should you focus on market share? Should you focus on creating some thought provoking content? Should you ideate on changing the brand image? Should you add more marketing Channels?

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