100 eCommerce Metrics

100 eCommerce Metrics

If you are in the business of selling products online, be it B2C or B2B or B2B2C, here are some 100 eCommerce metrics you can track and help your business grow.  At Ziffity we believe that eCommerce metrics is a lifeline for your business, the more you use them to measure, act and evolve, the better your eCommerce business performs, be it Operations, Marketing, Sales or Customer Service.


Weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales
No. of orders (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly)
Average order value (AOV)
Sales (product-wise/category-wise)
Average margin (overall/product-wise/category-wise)
Conversion rate (overall/product level/category level)
Shopping cart abandonment rate (product-wise/category-wise)
Total cart purchased vs abandoned
Top 10 abandoned products
Top 10 lowest margin making products
Top 5 pages where sessions are abandoned
New vs existing customer sales (daily/monthly/quarterly/yearly)
Market share (overall/category Level)
Product affinity analysis (cross selling / up-selling)
Top 10 out-of-stock products which were searched
Competitive pricing
Top searched product/category
Top 10 products to stock up
Top 10 products to discontinue
Average revenue per customer


Marketing spend vs rev (monthly)
Marketing spend vs net profit (monthly)
Site traffic (overall/by source)
Unique visitors versus returning visitors
Average user dwell time
Page views per visit
Top product pages by views
Revenue by Source (email/PPC/social/etc)
Day part monitoring
Newsletter subscribers
Social followers
Social engagement metrics
Top 10 content by dwell time
Top 10 referral sites
Total sales from referral sites
Pay-per-click metrics (impression/CTR/etc)
Customer acquisition by campaign/promotion
Sales by campaign/promotion
Email campaign metrics (open/CTR/etc)
Organic search metrics
Product reviews (day/month)
Top 10 lowest rated products
% of shopping cart revived thru follow-ups
Sales from revived shopping cart
Drop-offs by stage (journey)
Drop-offs by stage (journey) by product
Average Clicks to Buy (CTB)
Heat maps for all pages (find patterns)
Top 5 journeys used for buying
Least used journeys for buying
Sales by demographics (sex/age/interest)
Last interaction attribution model
First interaction attribution model
Assisted interaction attribution model
A/B test result
Engagement rate with personalization campaigns
Sales driven by personalization campaigns
List of products whose price can be raised
List of products whose needs reduction
Top 10 highly competitive products
Top 10 products which needs to be abandoned
Top 10 trending products (aggregate of sale/pageviews/reviews)
Next quarter top selling products (predictive)
Ad spend mobile/web
Revenue mobile/web
Engagement rate mobile/web
Total value offered in promotions
$ Value offered by promotion type

Customer Support

Average call time (overall/category)
Average resolution time (overall/category)
Product returned count (daily/weekly/monthly)
Product returned value (daily/weekly/monthly)
Category wise returned count/value
Top 10 products returned (count/value)
Top 5 category by returns
Customer service rating
Total support cost against revenue


Top 10 customer locations
Average no. of items per order
Top 10 products by packaging cost
Top 5 category by packaging cost
Average shipping days/hours by pin code
Average payment processing time
Sales transactions by payment method
Average order fulfilment cost
Average return cost
Total fulfilment cost against revenue
End-of-life product list
Stock level required (predictive)
Total value – fraudulent transaction
Total value in product exchange
% of exchange value to revenue
Product returned within 3/7/14/21 days
Total sales on cash-on-delivery model
Total failed transactions
Warehouse cost against sales
Ageing for product stored in warehouse
Total cost involved in product returns
Average stock value
Total shipping cost against revenue